About us

Digitising Transport

TransFollow focuses on innovation and the future of transport and logistics. Based on the interests from the sector to shift from paper based workflows to digital processes, TransFollow developed the new standard for the CMR consignment note: the TransFollow eCMR.

eCMR: Digitising Supply Chain, Transport and Logistics Sector

TransFollow enables paperless transports and logistics anywhere and anytime to increase predictability throughout the logistics chain and lower costs for all parties.

TransFollow is an independent platform to digitally exchange relevant information within the logistics chain. This structurally contributes to increased supply chain visibility, lower transaction costs, reduced failure costs, streamlined transports and flexible quality control. And most importantly: The TransFollow eCMR stimulates the close collaboration of shipper, carrier and recipient.

From Supply Chain Visibility to Supply Chain Network

TransFollow provides real-time insight through one integrated platform. Senders, carriers and recipients can view digital consignment notes before, during and after transport to adjust their processes and planning when needed. This upgrades the supply chain to a supply network, in which everyone has access to the same information at the same time.

Optimising Transport Processes and Realising Cost Savings

Working with digital consignment notes saves employees a lot of time – and time is money. Recent studies have shown that the average administrative costs of paper freight documents, summing up to a total of € 22.83 on average, can be reduced to € 9.72 when using eCMRs.

About the Company

TransFollow is one of the innovative solutions for the transport and logistic market and a product of the Geneva based company Viaservice SA Beginning of 2020, the office of Viaservice opened in Amsterdam, and the former office of TransFollow was transformed to the office of Viaservice BV, the Netherlands.

We work with in-house development teams and a support department both in Geneva and Amsterdam. For sales and marketing we work with professionals based close to the Dutch, Spanish and French market. Contact us for more information about the eCMR.


The Netherlands: Millennium Tower, Radarweg 29 1043 NX Amsterdam Switzerland: La Voie-Creuse 16, 1202 Geneva