About us

The world of transport and logistics is rapidly developing.

The pace is determined by craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. Sometimes innovation needs a little push – and a strong player to give that push.

Time for change

Our sector is moving forward fast. All the segments of the logistics chain are being optimised. In this new world, paper has no place: it isn’t interactive and it doesn’t work together with innovative processes. We’ve known this for some time. But change doesn’t happen overnight: even new supply chain solutions aren’t yet able to oversee developments in the sector. Let alone manage.

One integrated platform

TransFollow looks towards the future, based on interest in the industry. We are driven to lead the sector through this transition and offer a new standard: the digital consignment noteThis enables us to provide insight into the entire logistics chain on one integrated platform. Create, issue and share the eCMR with all partners in the supply chain. You always know the status of your eCMR. We are driven to innovate and take responsibility for the entire chain. We connect all parties.

Optimal ‘supply network’

TransFollow provides real-time insight on one central platform. So that senders, carriers and recipients can view the digital consignment note before and during transport to adapt their planning when needed. Therefore we no longer speak of a supply chain but of a supply network, in which everyone has access to the same information at the same time.

Innovating together

This is how we bring transport and logistics forward. Achieve reliable results. Digitise the entire network in an eCMR solution that works with you. The result: less administration, lower failure costs, streamlined transport and flexible quality control. Plus close cooperation between shipper, carrier and recipient. To innovate the transport sector together.

Mission and vision

  • Our mission: Paperless transport anywhere and anytime. For more predictability throughout the logistics chain and lower costs for all parties.
  • Our vision: TransFollow is an independent platform on which the logistics chain digitally exchanges all relevant information. This contributes structurally to more predictability throughout the supply chain and to lower transaction and failure costs.

By the market, for the market

TransFollow is a Dutch initiative by Evofenedex and Transport Logistics Nederland (TLN). These independent branch orginizations contribute to the implementation of the legal standard for eCMRs. The IRU (the International Road Transport Union) also supports TransFollow.

TransFollow is now working hard on the international rollout of its unique eCMR solution. The close cooperation with the IRU not only opens access to national associations that represent the interests of its members operating in road transport, it also provides the international framework for standardisation of the eCMR. Together with all these independent parties, TransFollow is working on the implementation of the legal standard for the eCMR.

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