Returnable Transport Items registration on the eCMR


RTI problems in the Floriculture sector

Each sector has its valuable Returnable Transport Items. Valuable as physical products, and valuable  as not having the items at the right place and at the right time. Or worse: the returnable transport item is untraceable.

The loss of returnable transport items is a major challenge in i.a. the floriculture sector. Throughout the sector, the potential annual damage is estimated at millions of euros. This damage is partly due to the loss of RTI’s, but also due to its unavailability and the associated delays.

The registration of RTI’s in TransFollow reduces these costs. The eCMR standard of TransFollow, an independent platform for digital freight documents, that connects the digital systems of the shipper, carrier(s), forwarders and receivers. In this digital link you can also easily take the RTI flows of a shipment with you. So that every connected party in the chain knows where the transport is located, including the associated RTI’s.

TransFollow’s RTI solution has already proven itself in practice by TransFollow user Royal Lemkes.

Follow the RTI’s digitally

TransFollow’s digital freight document allows you to keep track of your RTI flows digitally. In the TransFollow app, the driver can easily record what items he carries and what he collects. When you create the digital freight document you inform the driver of this. When the driver returns, you can easily retrieve the data from TransFollow and transfer it to your own management system. A simple process that offers many advantages and ultimately reduces costs.

RTI on the go

Managing the RTI flows digitally has also great advantages for the driver. Thanks to the TransFollow app, the driver knows exactly what to deliver and collect. If the numbers are still different, he can easily adjust the actual numbers himself to the digital freight document. The driver can also add the extra RTI’s if this is not already on the freight document. TransFollow registers any changes to the digital freight document. This way, you always know which person made any changes to the freight document, what happened to the RTI’s, and who was responsible.

In short

TransFollow and RTI, in practice this means:

  • Clear data instead of poorly readable manuscripts.
  • Data is immediately available
  • Always traceable who has made changes.

Questions & Answers

With Paul Knoop of Beurtvaartadres

Paul Knoop of our Dutch Distributor Beurtvaartadres is RTI specialist and the digital freight document. He knows exactly what is possible and how TransFollow will help the entire transport sector.

How do you use the digital freight document to reduce the loss of packaging?

Paul: ”The date, time and location details of the moment of signing are automatically saved. This way, everyone knows where the RTI’s are located. This offers all users in the chain more insight into the RTI flows.”

Returnable Transport Items lost, what now?

Paul: ”With the digital freight document of TransFollow, you can also measure the quality of the shipment. You can add photos and comments. You can make a picture of the outgoing and returning RTI’s, so you can act much faster if something goes wrong.”

TransFollow; how does TransFollow connect and work together with the existing IT systems at a transport company. How does it work?

Paul: ”TransFollow is a data exchange platform which makes data available to everyone in the chain. You can therefore easily connect TransFollow to your own business software and systems and even the on-board computer. ”

More information?

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Source: (Dutch) Beurtvaartadres | Brandstapels en vreugdevuren… pallets fikken goed