Release note – 2018.20

October 24th 2018

Wednesday October 24th version 1.340.0 of the TF App for Android is made available in the Google Play Store. We updated the TF API automatically to version 1.349.5. 

TransFollow API

Enable usage of the Spanish Carta de Porte in TransFollow:

  • Submitter is able to select the Carta de Porte as waybill type
  • Introduction of the Carta de Porte template

Introduction of new (optional) fields:

  • The tax identification number: this is mandatory for the Carta de Porte. 
  • Loading places: this to indicate how many loading places in the truck are needed to transport the goods.

The current webhook implementation is expanded with a basic authentication feature.

TransFollow App

When “allowRtiAddition” is enabled by the submitter, drivers can now also add RTI lines even when none were originally defined in the FD.

Addresses in the Android app will be clickable and enable the user to launch any navigation app that is available on his device.

TransFollow Portal

The bottom page bar in the TransFollow Portal will now also indicate how many results meet the search requirements.