Release note – 2018.21

November 14th 2018

Wednesday November 14th version 1.350.1 of the TF App for Android is made available in the Google Play Store. We updated the TF API automatically to version 1.358.1. 

TransFollow android app and pdf

The drivers name can be filled in or modified during the signing process. When this information is available, this field will be prefilled in.

The counterparty name during Sign-On-Glass is made mandatory.

Improvements on the Lettre de Voiture pdf implementation have been made.

Number of loading positions in the truck can be modified by the driver.

A submitter of the e-CMR will be fully free in selecting a signing method as long as at least one available signing method has been indicated. When using ‘sign multiple documents’ the driver selects multiple consignment notes that do not allow a common signing method, the TF-Approval will be the default allowed signing method.

TransFollow Portal

Main account administrators can activate/deactivate the usage of credits by its sub accounts. When deactivated, the subaccount (driver) will not be able to create e-CMR’s on the TransFollow app.  

TransFollow API

An attribute has been added to references for the submitter to indicate which references can be modified by the driver using the TransFollow app. For example: references can be used to describe the seal number or temperature, depending on the submitters’ needs. The driver is able to change the value of the reference when this is allowed by the submitter.