Release Note – 2018.09

May 9th 2018

Wednesday May 9th, version 1.87.0 of the TransFollow App for Android is made available in the Google Play Store. We updated the TransFollow API automatically to version 1 .290.1

TransFollow API & pdf service

 Pdf generation optimizations are introduced.

TransFollow Android app & pdf

The PDF version of the freight document can be shown during the entire signature process. This functionality was previously only available in the freight document overview.

The Italian language is available.

The text “submitted by: drivers’ name” in the consignor/consignee signature box (when using SOG) has been removed because this was causing too many confusions for the signatory.

TransFollow Portal

Date/time formats will be harmonized so that the date/time in the TF portal is shown in the same format as on the PDF of the freight document.

The Italian language is available

TransFollow iOS app

The Italian language is available.