Release note – 2018.11

June 6th 2018

Wednesday June 6th version 1.99.1 of the TF App for Android is made available in the Google Play Store. We updated the TF API automatically to version 1.300.0

TransFollow Android app & pdf

  • Date/time formats have been harmonized through all TF solutions (App, Portal and pdf). For better user understanding, we have chosen to use the GMT date/time format.
  • The TFapp will show date/time in the preferred time zone settings on the device. The Portal and the pdf will show date/time in GMT+1 (winter time) or GMT+2 (summer time).
  • The selection of the signature method in the TFapp has been modified: It is now possible to select from all available signing methods without having to select “alternative signing methods”.Without approval counterparty (own approval) can be used for sign multiple freight documents.

TransFollow integration interface

Developments for third party mobile solutions (such as an onboard computer):

  • Successive carriers can now also sign through a third party mobile solution
  • The preload intent service is available for third party mobile solutions.
  • Third party mobile solutions have the possibility to automatically select the signing method on the background so the driver does not have to make the selection anymore.