Release note – 2018.13

July 18th 2018

Wednesday July 18th version 1.106.2 of the TF App for Android is made available in the Google Play Store. We updated the TF API automatically to version 1.304.0.

TransFollow API

A new field has been introduced in the backend “AllowRtiAddition” (true/false) which enables submitters to allow drivers to add RTI lines through the TransFollow Android App in status ISSUED and TRANSIT.

TransFollow Android app & pdf

When activated by the submitter, drivers can now add RTI lines in the TF Android App.

Language additions

Danish and Swedish are available in the TF Portal and the TF notifications (email and push notifications).

Email notifications are available in all languages currently supported by TransFollow (13).

E-mail notifications

Submitters can set their own threshold (of remaining credits) through the TF Portal at which they receive a notification from TransFollow.