Release note – 2019.01

January 9th 2019

Wednesday January 9th, version 1.367.1 of the TransFollow App for Android is made available in the Google Play Store. We updated the TransFollow API automatically to version 1.376.2

TransFollow API

Submitters can now configure which of the below categories of information the driver must inspect on a consignment note before signing.

  • Goods
  • RTI
  • Arrival and departure times
  • References
  • License plates
  • Comments

The driver can still make modifications from the inspection feature when using single signing, as well as multiple signing. When multiple consignment notes have been selected for signing, the driver can update arrival and departure times for the entire batch of consignment notes. Comments and pictures can be added on an individual consignment note level.

The paymentForCarriage field has become a free text field. Submitters can fill in any (string) value instead of the old mandatory value.

TransFollow Android app and pdf

  • An improvement has been made to the UX for the addition of new RTI’s.
  • We re-structured role information in a 2-column lay-out to make better use of the available screen space.
  • Instead of displaying all the role-related information, we have replaced phone numbers, addresses and email addresses with clickable icons. Clicking on the icons will launch the accompanying phone/email/navigation/etc App.

General improvements

  • After the signing process, the status of the consignment note is automatically updated in the general overview.
  • Delegated parties will also receive email notifications as well as the signed PDF after delivery when the specific notification is activated.
  • Submitters will receive the authority reference (if available) in the response call when POSTing a consignment note. This makes it no longer necessary to execute a subsequent GET call to retrieve this information.
  • The TransFollow Partner app is displayed with a different icon than the TransFollow app in the PlayStore to avoid users installing the wrong app. Please keep in mind the Partner app is for testing purposes only.