Release note – 2019.02

January 30th 2019

Wednesday January 30th, version 1.375.5 of the TransFollow App for Android is made available in the Google Play Store. We updated the TransFollow API automatically to version 1.384.1

TransFollow API

When submitting a consignment note, submitters can now choose in the RTI fields to submit the total values per line and/or as a total value of all lines (e.g. Total weight, volume, etc).

Submitters may now specify multiple email addresses to receive the signed PDF of the consignment note upon delivery.

TransFollow Android app and pdf

When delegating, sub-accounts can access a library containing other sub-accounts which are attached to the same main account.

The “Internal Code” field (non-mandatory internal reference field) has been reincluded on the final PDF document.

Drivers can now add license plates (per consignment note) in the signing inspection flow.

While creating a new consignment note through the TransFollow Android App, carriers can:

  1. indicate an RTI’s transference type;
  2. indicate if the references entered are modifiable;
  3. add a time of taking over the goods and agreed date/time of delivery.

For a Consignment Note, created by sub-account users through the TransFollow Android App:

  • The main account automatically receives the Carrier Role;
  • The role of the main account is automatically delegated to the sub-account, which created a consignment note. Thus, the sub-account can access and sign a consignment note.