Release note – 2018.15

August 15th 2018

Wednesday August 15th version 1.119.0 of the TF App for Android is made available in the Google Play Store. We updated the TF API automatically to version 1.324.1

TransFollow API

Submitters are additionally able to cancel consignment notes in statuses “ISSUED” and “IN TRANSIT” via the API. Previously only consignment notes in draft could be cancelled. Consignment notes in this status can also be retrieved via the API. Please see the new filter syntax in the TF documentation.

TransFollow Android app & pdf

The status cancelled is now visible in the TF Android app and pdf.

An additional status filter has been introduced for cancelled consignment notes.

The signing process on the TF Android app will now show the transfer type for which the user/counterparty is signing.

The order of the fields presented in the structured goods and RTI details screen has been modified. Modifiable fields are now all grouped together at the top of the screen.

TransFollow Portal

The status cancelled is now visible in the TF Portal.

The TF portal will now automatically show the latest version of the consignment note when the page is being refreshed.