Release note – 2019.10

July 15th 2019

Monday July 15th, TransFollow API has been updated and the new version of TransFollow App for Android was made available in the Google Play Store.

TransFollow App

  • Summary page for consignors / consignees:During a sign-on-glass signature process, consignors and consignees can check an important information of a consignment note, which they are about to sign. Namely: Goods details, Returnable Transport Items details, observations, hours of arrival / departure, which is registered by a driver. Moreover, consignors and consignees can leave their observations. Additional screen has been added to signature process to display this information.
  • Observations:A driver may now see and add his observations in dedicated section of consignment note overview.
  • Loading / unloading times:Drivers are now able to indicate the start and end of loading and start and end of unloading. Such information can be provided via intent as well.

TransFollow API and other general improvements

  • Quality of a Returnable Transport Item (RTIs):At this stage, this element is mandatory. Following request from our clients, this element will become optional.
  • Type of actions for a driver:Submitters may indicate which type of actions are not supported for given consignment note while creating or issuing a consignment note via API. For example, “transfer to another carrier”, “transfer to consignee for further inspection” may be deactivated. As a result, driver will not see these options in the TF app for given consignment note.
  • License plates:Carriers may add their licence plates to a consignment note in DRAFT status via API.
  • Notifications for delegatees:Any company may delegate its rights to another company or user (a delegatee). An improvement of notification service has been made to allow delegatee to receive notifications from TransFollow system. Any party may configure its notifications via TF Portal and via TF app.
  • New date / time format:The display of the date & time format has been changed in TF app, PDF and Portal to improve its readability.
  • Acceptance of the goods after inspections by a consignee:During acceptance of the goods after inspections, consignees may add photos or attach documents. This can be done via the TF Portal and via TF App.