Release note – 2019.06

April 24th 2019

Wednesday April 24th, version 1.429.1 of the TransFollow App for Android is made available in the Google Play Store. We updated the TransFollow API automatically to version 1.425.0.

New information may be indicated in any consignment note:

Client role

TransFollow introduces a new role on the digital consignment note: The client.

With the introduction of this new Client Role to the digital consignment note, transports become even more transparent. 

The client is a company on behalf of which the transportation is organised. This new role can be assigned to the producer/principal/owner of the goods or for instance the freight forwarder. With the introduction of this new role, the use of the digital consignment notes makes more complex transports possible. In addition to the sender, carrier and receiver, as a client, the client may now obtain the information regarding their shipments in real time, such as shipments status, exact time of loading & delivery. The client will receive real-time updates about the status of the e-CMR and will be notified when the transport is completed. A digital copy of the signed digital consignment note will be sent directly after delivery.

The role of the client is passive: The client can’t change any details or sign the digital consignment note, but the data is shared.

Creating a TransFollow account and using the TransFollow Portal also enables the client to view and archive all his e-CMRs. It is also possible to connect the clients software to the TransFollow platform. 

In some transportations, the company ordering a transport is not the same as a consignor. For example, a freight forwarder (or sender) is often instructed to ship the goods by its producer, its owner or another company, acting as a client. To allow clients to receive real-time access to its shipments and to the copy of relevant consignment notes, a new role “Client” has been introduced.

  1. Submitter can indicate client name, his address and TransFollow account information via API. Client role is optional and cannot be modified / added after consignment note issuance.
  2. Client name and address is visible in PDF.
  3. Client can view all his consignment notes via his account in TransFollow Portal.
  4. Client has a reading-only rights. I.e. he cannot sign / add and information to a consignment note.

Seal numbers

Quite often seals are attached on the loading compartment of the vehicle to assure that the goods remained intact during transportation. Now, it is possible to indicate corresponding Seals numbers for any consignment note in general goods information section.

  1. Seals can be provided by submitters via API.
  2. Drivers can add / edit seals in TransFollow App before first signature.
  3. Seals are visible in PDF versions and in TransFollow Portal.

Tax IDs and tax type (such as SIREN, NIF etc):

  1. Submitter can indicate a tax ID (exist already) and its tax type (new element) for any role in consignment note via API. Example of tax types: SIREN in France and NIF in Spain.
  2. Submitter can indicate the same for any partner in his library.
  3. Tax IDs and tax types will be visible in PDFs.

General Improvements

New PDF template was introduced to optimize the space and to display new data elements.  Moreover, submitters may now provide their logo’s via API (one per submitter). Such company Logo will be visible on all PDFs of its submitter.

The search functionally was improved in TransFollow Portal. Users may now search by the name of a company, which signed the consignment note. 

SIGN_MULTIPLE intent is used to start the signing process for multiple consignment notes. Maximum amount of consignment notes for this intent is increased from 20 to 30.