Release Notes

Release notes

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2021.063.11.3 TF App
1.666.6 TF API
– Add image URL to RTI
– Employee identification in Company Code
– Adjust license plate for issued Freigt Document
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2021.053.7.0 TF App
1.662.1 TF API
– Temperature Inspection – Decimals only.
– Add RTI – Save and Add Another
– Freight Document retrieval technical optimizations
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2021.043.4.4 TF App
1.652.2 TF API
– Contact field added to role editing
– Email notification sent after goods inspection
– Subscription/webhook expanded for comments
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2021.03 3.2.2 TF App
1.643.2 TF API
– Edit Seals as carrier in transit
– RTI reference shown
– External Proof of Transfer
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2021.023.1.5 TF App
1.624.4 API
– New User Interface of the TransFollow Android App
– Seals Inspection added to Company Code Signing Flow
– Custom Measurement Quantity + Unit added to Sign on Glass + Totals
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2021.01 2.106.3 TF App– The ‘Seals inspection’ flow has changed when using the TransFollow Approval signing method. Read more
2020.152.105.2 TF App
1.612.7 API
– Permanent company QR-code
– Blocking signing process in case of a warning or error
– Submit additional QR-code containing relevant information to be scanned by counter party
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2020.142.101.10 TF App
1.603.0 API
– In the TF App the ‘Proof of Transfer Code ‘ can be skipped
– Password reset request is ensured
– We enabled in the TransFollow Portal the possibility to set the glnCode in the account settings. 
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2020.132.101.5 TF Android App
1.594.2 API
– Offline warning in signing process when you are offline, or in airplane mode
– Force Carrier to Sign-On-Glass in Sign-On-Glass process
– Order number shown on Freight Document overview
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2020.12 2.98.6 TF Android App
1.582.0 API
– TransFollow App users with carrier role can update the PoTO or PoD
– Expanded view and order number default TransFollow App
– The scan of the QR code has improved
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2020.11 2.96.5 TF Android App
1.573.1 API
– More details for TransFollow Approval incorrect signatures
– Transfer type selection has changed
– Counterparty can view PDF during signing with TransFollow Approval
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2020.102.91.2 TF Android App
1.563.5 API
– Location check during the signing inspection
– During Sign-On-Glass, the freight document can be sent via SMS
– Mandatory: Send Signing Code by email
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2020.092.86.2 TF Android App
1.561.3 API
– Temperature/Seals summary in SOG process
– Vehicle library for the creation of Freight Documents
-The Submitter of the Freight document has been added to the notification e-mails
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2020.082.79.35 TF Android App
1.553.2 API
– More Sorting Options on Freight Document Overview
– Temperature Inspection Mandatory
– Quick Edit Goods / RTI amounts
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2020.072.75.0 TF Android App
1.548.4 API
– Registration ‘Temperature’ on the freight document
– New Counter Party Singing inspections: Seals numbers
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2020.062.69.3 TF Android App
1.539.4 API
– Add Dangerous Goods to the freight document in the TransFollow App
– The container number and information on delegations is visible in the TransFollow Portal
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2020.05 2.65.8 TF Android App
1.534.3 API
– Indicate the name of the person who adds a comment to the freight document
– Add the ‘Client’ during the creation of the eCMR in the TF App
– TF App checks automatically if the App is up-to-date
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2020.042.62.3 TF Android App
1.530.0 API
– Introduction new contactless signing method
– A compatibility version for third party integrators is introduced 
– The user interface screen of the selection of ‘Transfer Type’ has changed. 
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2020.03 2.53.0 TF Android App
1.522.5 API
– Information about delegations
– Events log in the TransFollow Portal
– References for individual goods
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2020.02 2.53.0 TF Android App
1.522.5 API
– Control of loading / unloading times
– Refusal of goods during delivery
– Incoterms indication via API
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2020.012.42.2 TF Android App
1.514.4 TF API
– Introduction of alternative login method ‘Access Code’
– Introduction information fiels ‘Loading Meters’
– TransFollow Portal: allow another company to view e-CMR’s
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2019.162.30.3 TF Android App
1.502.0 TF API
– GPS coordinates of different events
– Make drafts of consignment notes in the TF App
– Notification e-mail when goods and RTI is modified
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2019.15 2.24.1 TF Android App
1.486.2 TF API
– Introducing event type log and indication of the event during writing the observations
– TransFollow App users are now able to search for consignment notes, which were delivered for further inspection.
– TransFollow API: Submitter can provide specific text to be written on PDF for ADR goods.  
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2019.142.17.2 TF Android App
1.480.1 TF API
– Introducing intermediate location
– A driver can add RTIs directly in the Singing Inspection flow.  Moreover, RTIs are now grouped by Transference type.
– 3rd party application integrator will be able to provide its logo via LOGIN intent
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2019.132.9.3 TF Android App
1.477.6 TF API
– Updated User Interface
– New fields when creating Consignment Notes in TF app
– showTimes signing inspection option
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2019.122.1.1 TF Android App
1.476.4 TF API
– New User Interface
– RTI / Observation types
– Sub-account deletion
– Lock the application for regular usage
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2019.11x TF Android App
1.469.0 TF API
– Accounts filter
– New Notifications
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2019.101.447.1 TF Android App
1.461.3 TF API
– Summary page for consignors / consignees during signing
– Loading and unloading times can be tracked
– Delegatees receive notifications
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2019.091.441.0 TF Android App
1.454.1 TF API
– Weight of a Returnable Transport Item (RTIs)
– Information on the time window for pickup and delivery are visible in PDF and in TF app
– New national Czech document type is added to TransFollow.
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2019.081.434.0 TF Android App
1.445.0 TF API
– Introducing: Container Number, Type and Verified Gross Mass
– Introducing: Controlled temperature
– TransFollow app available for Android version 4.3
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2019.071.426.3 TF Android App
1.437.0 TF API
– Advanced search enhancements
– Export to CSV file
– Consignees are now able to accept goods which were delivered for further inspection and to make relevant reservations.  
– TransFollow Application improvement
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2019.061.429.1 TF Android App
1.425.0 TF API
– Introduction ‘seal numbers’
– Introduction ‘Client’ role
– Tax IDs and tax types on the consignment note
– General improvements such as new PDF template and search functionality.
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2019.051.416.0 TF Android App
1.420.0. TF API
– New ADR functionalities.
– Ability to share link of the PDF of his consignment note via applications.
– Change goods item name and RTI name
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2019.041.401.0 TF Android App
1.405.0. TF API
– Czech, Finnish and Romanian will be available
– The driver can show a QR code that can be scanned via a mobile device to a PDF version of the consignment note.
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2019.031.389.0 TF Android App
1.396.0 TF API
– Creation of a library of partners in TransFollow
– Drivers can add mileage information per vehicle on the e-CMR
– New intents are introduced
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2019.021.375.5 TF Android App
1.384.1 TF API
– Multiple email addresses can be selected for receiving the consignment note
– The creation of the consignment note in the app is improved
– Various improvements for users
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2019.011.367.1 TF Android App
1.376.2 TF API
– To inspect fields for drivers
– User-friendliness and user interface are improved
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2018.221.358.0 TF Android APP
1.371.0 TF API
– The data from the TF Portal can be exported
– Introduction: delegation of the rolls on the digital consignment note
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2018.211.350.1 TF Android APP
1.358.1 TF API
– Main account administrators can activate/deactivate the usage of credits by its sub accounts
– Improvements on the signing process
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2018.201.134.0 TF Android App
1.349.5 TF API
– Introduction: Spanish Carta de Porte
– Introduction: Loading places
– Addresses can be opened in a navigation app
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2018.191.134.0 TF Android App
1.344.3 TF API
– User-friendliness is improvedRead more
2018.181.127.0 TF Android App
1.1337 TF API
– The detail screen has a new lay-out
– Introduction: standard comments
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2018.171.122.5 TF Android App
1.332.0 TF API
– TF Portal had a new advanced search function
– TF app supports easy to register arrival- and departure times
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2018.161.121.0 TF Android App
1.329.3 TF API
– TF Portal: introduction of the icon of commentsRead more
2018.151.119.0 TF Android App
1.324.1 TF API
– It is possible to cancel the consignment notes in the status ‘issued’ and ‘in transit’ via the API
– The status cancelled is visible in the app and portal
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2018.141.114.5 TF Android App
1.318.0 TF API
– Introduction: “Transfer to consignee for further inspection”
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2018.131.106.2 TF Android App
1.304.0 TF API
– API: possibility to register the additional RTI
– Introduction: Danish and Swedish language
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2018.121.102.0 TF Android App
1.305.0 TF API
– Adjustments in the sending of e-mail notifications and possibilities to modify this Read more
2018.111.99.1 TF Android App
1.300.0 TF API
– Harmonised time indication
– Developments for mobile third party solutions
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2018.101.92.0 TF Android App
1.292.0 TF API
– Singing if multiple documents is available for transit to carrier to carrier
– Developments for mobile third party solutions
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2018.091.87.0 TF Android App
1.290.1 TF API
– PDF of the consignment note can be opened during the signing process
– Introduction: Italian language
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2018.081.86.1 TF Android App
1.288.0 TF API
– Developments for external mobile solutionsRead more
2018.071.81.3 TF Android App
1.281.0 TF API
– The app, portal and API supports visibility of date and time of transfer, pick- up and deliveryRead more
2018.061.79.3 TF Android App
1.276.0 TF API
– Multiple new information fields are shown in the portal Read more