Start with eCMR

Are you ready to switch to a paperless transport chain?

Then switch to TransFollow’s eCMR today. There are several ways to get started with our eCMR solution. 

You are a sender, carrier or recipient and you want to connect

Senders, carriers and recipients can link the eCMR solution to their own company software, such as TMS, FMS, WMS or ERP systems. The TransFollow eCMR workflow is integrated in the user interface of these systems. If you’d like to know whether your software supplier already has a connection or is about to be connected, please check the list of connected parties here. Isn’t your organisation or IT supplier included in the list and are you interested in the possibilities? Please contact your local distributor.

You can also use the TransFollow Portal and mobile App. This enables you to manage and sign the digital consignment notes.

Would you like to know what TransFollow can offer your organisation? Contact your local distributor or fill in the contact form below.

You are a software provider and you want to connect

Connecting is simple, but it’s more than just plugging in to the API. Learn more about our simple way of working for a successful implementation with TransFollow.

  1. You can request our API key for our partner environment. This will allow you, as a software supplier, to start the integration process and set up your processes. The partner environment mirrors the production environment and is only intended for testing.
  2. Once the tests have been performed and you’re ready to go to the production environment, we perform a system verification test. This enables us to verify the correct integration and operation of TransFollow in the software/system.
  3. After approval, the verification and certification is completed. You will receive our API key for the production environment when a licence agreement between you and TransFollow has been concluded.

Many (logistics) software suppliers are already connected to TransFollow. Click here to view these and read the user cases of a number of integrated software suppliers.

Is your organization or IT supplier not yet connected? Are you interested in the possibilities? Please contact your local distributor. As a software provider, would you like to know more about connecting to TransFollow? Then please contact our Nootdorp office using the contact form below.