How does the connection process work?

TransFollow’s eCMR is the standard for the logistics sector

As in many other sectors, paper solutions in transport and logistics are increasingly giving way to digital innovations. How can you connect as a software provider?

The eCMR of TransFollow

Companies that use a large number of eCMR’s on a yearly basis benefit from an integration between TransFollow with their software system or supplier. Integration is possible with TMS, FMS, WMS and ERP systems. The software has been extended with the option to create, issue and manage the digital consignment note.

Connection guidelines

The documents and materials on help developers to quickly and easily connect to the TransFollow API. You can use the TransFollow API if you are familiar with the http protocol, JSON data presentation and REST principles. OAUTH2 knowledge is also required.

A successful implementation

Connecting is more than just connecting to the API. On the Support pages, you can read in detail how a successful implementation works. Also discover our walkthrough section. Here you will find more information about the API, the lifecycle pages of the eCMR, the concepts behind the eCMR, the TransFollow Approval, account structure and permissions.

How does the integration work?

Step 1: Partner environment

  • TransFollow provides an API key for the partner environment. This is how you, as a software supplier, start the integration process. You get access to the partner environment. This mirrors the production environment and is purely intended for testing.

Step 2: System verification

  • TransFollow then carries out a system verification test during which we verify the correct integration and operation of TransFollow in the software/system. After approval, the verification and certification is complete. You will receive an API key for the production environment when a licence agreement between you and TransFollow has been concluded.

The certification process confirms the integration quality. TransFollow accepts you as a software supplier for the approved list of software integrations. More information about the integration can be found on the pages under support.

After the integration

After the integration, as a software supplier you can sign a licence agreement and distribute credits among the TransFollow users. The philosophy and strategy of TransFollow requires close interaction with and the participation of the software suppliers in the further development of the TransFollow platform in order to optimise it for your customers. Your local distributor will be happy to provide more information.

User case: Van de Scheur Logistics

Support for software providers

  • Help with the start

For help with the start, please contact your local distributor. Or contact the TransFollow integration specialist directly via e-mail

  • During and after the integration

Our support department supports you during and after the integration. The first line support to end-users is carried out by you as a software provider and/or your local distributor.

  • Technical Questions

Do you have questions about the connection with TransFollow or do you have technical questions about our product? Please contact our office in Nootdorp or view our FAQs.


Are you interested in finding out how your organisation can benefit from TransFollow? Contact your local distributor. As a software provider, do you want to know more about connecting with TransFollow? Then contact TransFollow.

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