Protection of your data


Protection of your data

How does TransFollow protect your data? And who is responsible?

The protection of (personal) data is an important issue for online services. But who is responsible? TransFollow is a digital platform. This means that we store the data for the benefit of our users.

Users can enter data themselves: their logistics partners such as shippers, carriers, recipients, drivers or even data about trucks, including the licence plates. They can view, modify and delete this data. A large part of the data is shared with the partners in the supply chain. After all, this is the purpose of the digital consignment note;  to improve visibility. All parties can follow the issued consignment note to stay informed about the shipment.

The protected TransFollow environment

Can anyone view all my data? No, only you and your supply chain partners, who have a role on the specific consignment note, can see the relevant data about the specific shipment that is being transported. Your partners in this supply chain will receive a notification e-mail when the status of the consignment note changes. The consignment note is only visible in the portal after logging in. The consignment notes are viewable in the protected TransFollow environment and are not, for example,  attached as Pdf files in e-mail correspondence.  

TransFollow stores and secures the data, but we do not use this data. We take the responsibility that unauthorized persons cannot enter nor view the data of our users. Developers or the support department aren’t automatically given access either. Only designated authorized persons who can view the data at designated times, for example in case of emergency.

Encrypted data

The data is transported in a protected channel. This applies not only to the transport of data between the TransFollow portal and app, but also between our platform and third party software solutions such as ERP, TMS, WMS or board computers. The channel encrypts the data and cannot be viewed or intercepted. All communication data is encrypted with the most modern encryption techniques.

Responsibility is with the supply chain

However, TransFollow cannot prevent uncareful handling from the data by the user. The responsibility for the protection of personal data also lies mainly with the user. If, for example, a user downloads a list of drivers’ data, puts it on a USB stick and loses it, the responsibility lies with this user. This also applies to other digital platforms; if an employee handles login data or personal data from e-mail programmes or internal communication systems carelessly, a data leak may occur that cannot be revoked on the used platform.

The chance that data will be lost due to a hardware crash like 15 years ago is small. The security is now more at the end of data use. Who has access? What is the procedure when login data is lost? For example; saving an API key or login details must be done carefully. If the wrong person receives the data, the data entered by the user can get into the wrong hands. If someone loses the API key, the active connection and the data is no longer accessible. With all the consequences that entails. It is therefore necessary to set clear procedures to determine the handling and storage of important data.

The TransFollow data is also stored several geographically separate locations. The data centres are located in European countries with stable political, social and economic climates and geological stable environments.

Continuous availability

TransFollow has ensured continuously availability of the service and database. Various measures have been taken to this end. All components of the backend are redundant. This means that every component in the live environment has a duplicated version that can be switched on at any given moment. If one component fails or is overloaded, the duplicate will take over immediately. To activate the latest updates of TransFollow, we update the two duplicates in turn.

The infrastructure that TransFollow uses is so flexible that in the event of emergencies we can very quickly switch to other physical locations making potential downtime is relatively small.

TransFollow is ISO 27001 certified.