Release Notes – 2021.04

March 17, 2021

2021 March 17rd, the TransFollow API has been updated and the new Android version of the TransFollow App for Android will be made available in the Google Play Store soon.

TransFollow App

  • Contact field added to role editing

From now on it is possible to add more contact details of the counter parties whilst creating a freight document in the TransFollow App. You can indicate the information of the name, email address and phone number. Contact details are now editable as well in the App. After issuing, this information will also be presented in the Freight Document detail screen.

  • SMS unavailable

We received the feedback that for some board computer integrations, no SMS application was installed and therefore no SMS notification could be sent after the signing of the freight documents with Signing on Glass. From now on, we hide the possibility to provide a phone number in the Sign on Glass flow if no SMS app is available on the device.

TransFollow API

  • Email notification sent after goods inspection

We enabled the possibility to send an notification email to the counterparties after the signing the freight document after inspection of the goods. When the receiver signs after the inspection, all other parties that enabled notification will receive an email to notify them.

  • Subscription/webhook expanded for comments

The subscription / webhook has been expanded. Up until now this was only used for the change of the status of the freight document. Now this is also enabled for the use of comments on the level of ‘warning’ or ‘irregularity’. Not for the comment on the level of ‘information’.

#Version 1.650.0

Added a new subscription that will trigger events when a comment of warning or irregularity importance is added to the freight document

  • See _/freightdocuments/{freightDocumentsId}/subscriptions [POST]_
  • See _/freightdocuments [POST]_
  • Consumer search endpoint to be replaced

The ‘consumersearch endpoint’ will be replaced soon by a filter for ‘reference value’ in the regular GET freightdocuments endpoint. This endpoint takes over from the old one and can be used to retrieve freightdocuments based on the value of references. This is an updated feature, not new functionality. The ‘consumersearch endpoint’ will be deprecated within due time.

# Version 1.651.0

  • Added ‘referenceValue’ as searchable filter in _/freightdocuments [GET]_