Release Notes – 2021.02

February 3th, 2021

The User Interface of the TransFollow App has been redesigned. Today we launch this new User Interface of the TransFollow App. Apart from the look and feel, all your trusted and known features and functionalities are still as they were. This is done in preparation to something exciting in the near future…

We present a few highlights from this new User Interface in the Sprint Review by the TransFollow team.

Release Notes

2021 February 3rd, the TransFollow API has been updated and the new Android version of the TransFollow App for Android will be made available in the Google Play Store soon.

TransFollow App New UI Release Highlights

  • Register / Forgot Password in the TransFollow App

When you would like to register your account at TransFollow in the App, in the past, you would be redirected to the TransFollow Portal. Now, when you click on ‘Register’ on the starting screen and you can easily create your account in the interface of the App itself.

The same goes for requesting a new password. When you forgot the password of your TransFollow Account, you can click on ‘Forgot password’. You can manage the request to reset the password in the TransFollow App itself. In both scenarios, you will receive an email to confirm the registration or to reset your password.

  • Freight documents details

The overview screen of the freight documents and the freight document details screen have a new interface as well. The icons have a new look, but for clarity, we still mention the status in words as well. In the freight document details, you can find the drivers instructions still on the top. The menu at the top has been made smaller, and the other options are available in the overflow menu on the top right.

To make the screen as user friendly as possible, the information on the consignee and the consignor are now next to each other and you can select the appropriate one. This section will automatically show the information according to the status of the eCMR.

In the settings menu, the current version of the installed app is presented to communicate this to support in case of any trouble shooting.

  • Sign-on-Glass Flow

The signing of the eCMR with the usages of the signing method Sign-On-Glass will have a different UI as well, but the workflow remains the same.

  • Multi signing information Cards

The selection and signing of multiple freight document will remain the same, but once you are in the signing inspection process, you have the eCMR presented separately.

You can switch between the freight document by swiping the document to the left or right or click on the arrows on the top, the different ‘cards’ of the freight documents will appear with the associated information on the goods and observations.

If you want to add an observation to one single freight document, you scroll down a bit to click on ‘add observation’. If you wish to add an observation to all the selected freight documents you click on the ‘add observation’ in the top bar (under the icon of the eye).

TransFollow App New Features

Apart from the new User Interface, we are also introducing two new features:

  • Seals Inspection added to Company Code Signing Flow

The Company Code Signing flow was introduced at the end of 2020. Now it is also possible to add Seal numbers inspection to the freight document when you selected this signing method.

  • Custom Measurement Quantity + Unit added to Sign on Glass + Totals

Some companies don’t use a standard measurement unit like kilo’s or number of items. Upon request, we have introduced a ‘Custom Measurement Quantity and Unit’. The quantity (or amount) number is decimal and the measurement unit is a free field to be filled in with the company’s specific unit.

This measurement unit and amount is also available in the goods totals list. This information is displayed in both the TransFollow Portal on freight document information and on the PDF document. This field is available for goods and dangerous goods only, not for Returnable Transport Items.

API changes

  • Added new attribute ‘customMeasurementQuantity’ to the goods item and dangerous good items
  • Added new attribute ‘customMeasurementUnit’ to the goods items and dangerous item.
  • Added new attributes ‘totalCustomMeasurementQuantity’ to the StructuredGoodsInfo.
  • Added new attribute ‘totalMeasurementUnit’ to the StructuredGoodsInfo.