Release Notes – 2020.15

December 16th, 2020

2020 December 16th, the TransFollow API has been updated and the new Android version of the TransFollow App for Android will be made available in the Google Play Store soon.

TransFollow App

  • Permanent company QR-code

TransFollow has enabled the possibility for counter parties (consignees and consignors) to sign for a freight document by presenting a permanent QR-code linked to the company. The user needs to go to the TransFollow Portal and indicate the information regarding ‘the ID code to be scanned’. This way the counter party doesn’t need to have the TransFollow App installed to sign for the eCMR by TF-Approval, but the counter party can show the QR code in any form (on a device, company id card or printed). The driver can ‘select company code’ during the signing process and scan the QR-code.

Next, the carrier will see a message of approval of the correct QR-code and approve it. If the QR-code is not corresponding to the counterparty, the carrier will see a warning: “The counter party is not the place of taking over / delivery of the goods for the following freight document [FD number]’. If you are sure the counter party is correct, you can approve the signing of the freight document. The TransFollow Portal will label a warning that an error was detected during the signing.

  • Blocking signing process in case of a warning or error

Some companies requested to have the signing process blocked if a warning or error occurs during the TFA signing process. They wished to have all possible warnings and errors be found out and solved before continuation, and not to have it solved after the transport process is already executed.

Therefore, the TransFollow App will present the required actions according to the warning/error, the driver can try again or abort the mission. After the required action has carried out, the driver can continue the signing process. The TransFollow users have to enable this feature in the configuration of the API.

  • Submit additional QR-code containing relevant information to be scanned by counter party

The submitter of the freight document can add via API an external identifier, a QR code from their own system. It can contain any value. This can be used for example when a driver arrives at the location of pick up or delivery, the driver can be asked to show this QR code for an external system (TMS, ERP…) to scan and process the coded information.

In the TransFollow App, the driver can go to the freight document details of the mission, and click on ‘Share freight document’ (both in the page menu and at the bottom of the page). A QR-code will be shown to be scanned by the counter party. With this external identifier on the freight document, a QR code is presented and can be scanned, with any QR-code scanning software (not TransFollow related) or scan device, to reveal the information captured in the QR-code.

API changes

  • Various API changes has been made in relation with the developments on the TransFollow App as described above.
  • As a carrier company, it is possible to have a vehicle linked to the subaccounts in the vehicle library. The endpoint for this has been described in our API documentation for reference.