Release Notes – 2020.14

November 25th, 2020

2020 November 25th, the TransFollow API has been updated and the new Android version of the TransFollow App for Android will be made available in the Google Play Store soon.

TransFollow App

  • In the TransFollow App, the structured goods Totals should only show fields with provided values in the Freight Document details screen.
  • The TransFollow App provides a ‘Proof of Transfer Code’, once the Freight Document is successfully signed with the use of the signing method ‘Sign-on-Glass’ by the driver and the counter party. Some users do not use this confirmation code/number. This can now be disabled by configuration. The last screen with the ‘Proof of Transfer Code’ will then be skipped.

TransFollow Portal

  • The request to reset of the password for the TransFollow Portal is now ensured and secured by adding a warning in the email for the reset of the password. The email will contain a warning ‘If you did not request this change you can ignore this email or let us know’. This way, we ensure the user that no other person can reset the password.
  • We enabled in the TransFollow Portal the possibility to set the glnCode in the account settings. The glnCode is the Global Location Number for a very detailed location indication. This glnCode will also be an optional part of the registration of the TransFollow account.


  • Submitter pseudo-role in Freight Document Response should use a specific object.
  • For an integrator, we enabled to search Freight document by transportRefrence
  • Remove previousCommits from Freight Document response and request objects
  • As a TransFollow user, I want to use the same email for different partners in my partners library
  • As a Portal user, I would like to look for document with remarks filtered by importance and eventType.