Release Notes – 2020.12

October 14th, 2020

2020 October 14th, the TransFollow API has been updated and the new Android version of the TransFollow App for Android has been made available in the Google Play Store.

TransFollow App

  • TransFollow App users with carrier role can update the Place of Taking Over or Place of Delivery

Users of the TransFollow App can update the ‘Place of Taking Over’ or ‘Place of Delivery’ in the detail screen of a Freight Document that is in ‘Issued‘ and ‘Transit’ status. The functionality is available only if the user has carrier role and if the submitter of the freight document has enabled the feature. The ‘Place of Taking Over‘ can only be updated in ‘Issued’ status while the ‘Place of Delivery‘ can be updated in both ‘Issued‘ and ‘Transit’. The new information can be filled in manually or can be selected out of the ‘Partners’ dropdown menu.

  • Expanded view and order number default TransFollow App

When the new user of the TransFollow App opens the app for the first time, the new default setting will show the expanded view of the freight document and the order number of the freight document.

  • The scan of the QR code has improved

The scanning of the QR code has now a faster response and is also able to scan the QR code on the device of the counter party from a further distance.

  • User Interface improvements

The terminology of the selection of the Transfer type has been updated to reflect the collect and delivery tabs.

TransFollow Portal and PDF

  • Attached documents of type SUPPLEMENT

In the PDF of the freight document and the TransFollow Portal, the attached documents of type SUPPLEMENT are now shown with the name of the document, the file name, the type and if this is sealed or not. As a reminder, after a Freight Document is issued, only attachments of type SUPPLEMENT can be added.

  • ADR format

The TransFollow Portal, App and PDF file of the freight document are now reflecting the proper format of ADR information respecting the international standards with a space between the UN and the number.

API changes

  • Add API endpoint to manage drivers of an account
  • Add API endpoints to manage transports (private)