Release Notes – 2020.11

September 23rd, 2020

2020 September 23rd, the TransFollow API has been updated and the new Android version of the TransFollow App for Android has been made available in the Google Play Store.


  • Address Complement Added

In the address information box, an extra complement can be added for more information. For example, the indication of a building or a shop number, or an instruction.

This information is presented in the TransFollow Portal, the mobile App and the PDF.

TransFollow Portal

  • More details for TransFollow Approval incorrect signatures

When something went wrong during the signing of the Freight Document with the use of TransFollow Approval, this will be indicated in the information on the TransFollow Portal and the PDF. A warning symbol is indicated, with the information of the person who tried to sign. You can click on ‘Show details’ to learn about the cause and understanding of the warning.

This could be:

  1. Response code is invalid
  2. Counterparty has the wrong role or is not associated with the freight document
  3. For collection the counterparty must have the role of consignor or place of taking over.

TransFollow App

  • Transfer type selection changed

During the signing process, the selection of the Transfer type has been changed to make it less error prone and more intuitive. The design has been changed to make it more readable, but also an automatic selection of the most likely transfer type is executed, based on the Freight Document status (e.g if the Freight Document is in TRANSIT, the transfer type DELIVER is selected by default). Of course, if the transfer type is not correct, the user can still change it (for instance if the user wants to transfer to another carrier or pickup goods from a middle location). The screen is divided in three sections, for the driver to easily select the situation; ‘Collect, Transfer or Deliver’.

  • Warning during inspection in case of different addresses

When multiple documents are selected for signing, in case the documents have different addresses of pick up or delivery, a warning is displayed. “You are about to sign documents with different addresses. Please make sure there is no mistake before continuing.”  The addresses of the eCMRs will be shown in this inspection screen.

The carrier can either go back to change the list of Freight Documents or can continue the signing flow when he or she conclude the warning was because of a typo difference. The carrier can also make an observation to inform the supply chain partners about the warning.

  • Counterparty can view PDF during signing with TransFollow Approval

During the signing process with the use of TransFollow Approval, the consignor or consignee is now able to view the PDF on his or her own device. After the scanning of the QR-code, the assigned consignor or consignee will get an overview with the information on the carrier and the permission to read freight document, and now to also view the PDF document.

Two conditions:

  • The device of the consignor or consignee needs to be online
  • If the carrier modified the information on the eCMR or added an observation, and the carrier is offline, the latest version of the PDF can’t be opened, because the information did not have the change to be processed.


  • Multiple partner import
  • The previous mentioned addition of ‘Address Complement’ has also been added to the API documentation.
  • It is now possible to import multiple partners with the use of the API (bulk import).

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