Release Notes – 2020.10

September 2nd, 2020

2020 September 2nd, the TransFollow API has been updated and the new Android version of the TransFollow App for Android has been made available in the Google Play Store.

TransFollow App

  • Location check during the signing inspection

Drivers can check if the address of their location matches with the location on the freight document. The address of place of taking over or delivery is shown during the signing inspections. The driver can click on ‘confirm location’ if this is according to the actual location to continue the inspections.

When the driver is using the Multiple Signing and there are multiple addresses, the different addresses will be shown and if this is the same address, only this address will be shown.

  • During Sign-On-Glass, the freight document can be sent via SMS

When the signing method Sign-On-Glass is used, the carrier has now the possibility to send the freight document to the consignee or consignor with the use of a SMS. Previously, it was only possible to send the freight document attached in an email, but now the name of the driver, the order number and the hyperlink to the freight document can be sent with a SMS message.

The payment for the SMS is done according to the agreements of your own provider’s contract. As a SMS cannot exceed 160 characters, be aware that multiple SMS messages are potentially needed when Multi Signing is used, and more freight documents need to be included in the SMS.

  • Mandatory: Send Signing Code by email

During the signing method ‘Sign while keeping 2 meters distance with the counterparty’, the driver is asked to fill in the email of the counter party. The counterparty will receive an email so he can view the freight document and get the signing code which he can communicate back to you (the carrier) to complete signing process. Before, filling in the email was optional, but now filling in the email is mandatory.

If the counterparty has already received the signing code email, press next to continue the process, but if the carrier went back and changed something in the details, a new email must be sent.


  • Updates and changes of the API documentation
  • Address check during the signing inspection
  • The signing code was enabled automatically when the option for Sign on Glass was enabled (for example by enabling this in the Transport Portal or via API). But now the signing method with a signing code can be disabled or be enabled on its own. 

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