Release Notes – 2020.09

August 12th, 2020

2020 August 12th, the TransFollow API has been updated and the new Android version of the TransFollow App for Android has been made available in the Google Play Store.

TransFollow App

  • Freight Document in Draft

The freight documents in draft status on the Freight document overview screen are reduced to a smaller proportion to take less space on the screen.   

  • Temperature/Seals summary in SOG process

During the signing process, using the Sign-on-Glass signing method, the details on the temperature and seals are now indicated at the bottom of the details screen. After the consignee or consignor has gone through the signing inspections and filled in the temperature and the seal numbers, the driver will go through the signing inspections for this information to be checked by the driver before signing the freight document.       

  • Vehicle library

While creating a freight document in the TransFollow App, the information on the vehicle can be selected from a library of previously registered vehicles. These can be added in the App itself or be imported from an API connection. During the creation, the ‘license plate’ and the ‘Type of Vehicle’ should be indicated. The library is account-based.

When a carrier would like to edit the vehicle details on the freight document, the same library will be presented to select the appropriate vehicle or add a new one.


  • The Submitter of the Freight document has been added to the notification e-mails

The notification e-mails for a new created freight document or when an observation was placed on a freight document, the receivers of the e-mail will see the new added line:

“This freight document has been created by <<name>> <<e-mailadress>>.

This should help the user to contact the submitter in case of a mistake or question.

  • Unsubscribe for users without an account

If users of TransFollow without an account wouldn’t like to receive any notification e-mails, it is now possible to unsubscribe from the e-mailing list. For the users with a TransFollow Account, the users can indicate this in their ‘Settings’ in the TransFollow App or TransFollow Portal upon login.

If they decide they want to receive e-mail notifications again, they have to create an account with this certain e-mail address and change the notification settings.

  • Password reset for interactive accounts

We experienced that some users created a TransFollow account once and did not activate their account. When they would want to log-in in a later stage, the account was not accessible and they would click on ‘change password’. Now, when they try to do so, the user would receive another e-mail which will ask the user to activate the account first.


Various API changes have been made. For the latest API documentation please go to our documentation page [link] for the most recent releases. The previous mentioned modifications and releases are also created and modified in the API.

  • Subscription added to create Freight Document
  • Subscription notification for cancelled status
  • Vehicle library added to the API