Release Notes – 2020.07

July 1st, 2020

2020 July 1ts, the TransFollow API has been updated and the new Android version of the TransFollow App for Android has been made available in the Google Play Store.

TransFollow App

New Carrier Signing Inspection

  • Registration ‘Temperature’ on the freight document

During the signing inspections, the driver will be asked to fill in the temperature of that moment in the truck. When a driver selects multiple freight documents during pick-up for signing, the filled in temperature will be filled in on all selected freight documents. When one freight document is later selected for inspections and signing during delivery, the temperature will be filled in for all the other previously selected freight documents still having goods present in the truck (in transit), as they are recognized as one mission. When signing inspection screen is displayed, the current temperature can be left empty but will be made mandatory after one of the upcoming sprints.

The collection of registered temperatures are all presented on in the TransFollow App, the PDF file and in the TransFollow Portal.

The registration of temperatures must be enabled during the submission of the freight document using the configuration’s signing inspections property.

New Counter Party Singing inspections

  • Seals numbers

During the signing inspection, the counter party will be asked to add the renewed seal number. During pick-up, when multiple freight documents are selected, the counter party fills in the seal number visible on the trucks’ system. This seal number will be filled in on all the selected freight documents. When a driver delivers a part of the goods to the consignee, and has the corresponding eCMR inspected and signed by the consignee, the seal number will be filled in by him or her. This seal number is then applicable for the remaining goods in transit and the associate eCMRs on which this new number will filled in. The eCMR, which was signed for delivery, will not contain this new seal number as this is not applicable anymore for these goods. When the last freight document is signed for delivery, no new seal number will be asked.

The registered seal numbers will be visible on the TransFollow App, PDF file and the TransFollow Portal.

‘TotalNetWeight’ in Structured Goods Info

A new field has been added to the ‘Structured Goods Information’, the ‘Total Net Weight’ which informs all parties, next to the Gross Weight of the goods, about the details of the freight. This fields will be filled in manually by the users via API or the Transport Portal. The TransFollow software doesn’t calculate the ‘Total Net Weight’, this must be calculated by the users themselves.

The ‘Total Net Weight’ is visible in the TransFollow App, Portal and on the PDF file.

PDF attachements via e-mail notification

When a user wants to inform their supply chain partners about the latest status of the eCMR, they can enable them to receive e-mail notifications with the eCMR PDF attached to this e-mail. When the PDF file contains attached pictures or documents, next to having these embedded in the PDF, the receiver of the e-mail can open these files from their e-mail attachments as well. This is not the case when the PDF file is shared differently. 

API Changes

The previous mentioned additions to the TransFollow App and Portal will also be available for the API to enable the additional signing inspections.

# Version 1.546.0

  • Added attribute ‘counterpartySigningInspections’ to the freight document
  • Added attribute ‘showSeals’ to the counterparty signing inspections
  • See _/freightdocuments [POST]_and _/freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [GET, PUT]_

# Version 1.545.0

  • Added attributes ‘totalNetWeight’ and ‘totalNetWeightUnit’ to the structured goods info
  • See _/freightdocuments [POST]_ and _/freightdocuments/{freightDocumentId} [GET, PUT]_

# Version 1.544.0

  • Added attribute ‘showTemperatureControl’ to the signingInspections
  • See _/freightdocuments [POST]_ and _/freightdocuments/{freightDocumentsId} [GET, PUT]_

Subscription end-point

The subscription end point is a webhook call by which third party integrations can receive updates about the status changes of their freight documents. When a freight document is signed with ‘Signing after further inspection’, the third party will also be informed by this notification mechanism.

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