Release Notes – 2020.06

June 10th, 2020

2020 June 10th, the TransFollow API has been updated and the new Android version of the TransFollow App for Android has been made available in the Google Play Store.

The TransFollow App

  • Dangerous goods

During the creation of a freight document in the TransFollow App, it is now possible to indicate the Dangerous Goods. When creating the freight document the creator can select ‘Add Goods’ or ‘Add Dangerous Goods’. After the selection, all the relevant information of the dangerous goods can be indicated, including the UN code.

  • New update available

In the setting screen of the TransFollow App, the version number of the installed App is indicated. When a new version of the TransFollow Android App is available, this will be indicated in the settings of the App. The user can press this button to open the Google Play store to easily update the App.

Email notification  

Previously, when a notification e-mail was sent to the supply chain partners who have an active role on the freight document, only the ‘Authority Reference’ was indicated. Now, when an order number is provided on the freight document, this ‘Order Number’ will be indicated as well in the subject line of the e-mail notification for easy communication.

TransFollow Portal

  • Container number

When indicated during the creation of the freight document, the container number will be visible on the TransFollow Portal in the section of additional information on the freight document in question.

  • Delegation

The indication of the roles on the freight document, are now visible with more details in the role section on the TransFollow Portal. When a freight document has been delegated to another (sub)account, this information is now also visible on the ‘Role section’. The e-mail and the name of this (sub)account is indicated.

API changes and improvements

  • Order number

When a Freight Document is created via API connection, the TransFollow Backend will send the ‘OrderNumber’ attribute as a response.

  • Performance of the TransFollow Backend

The performance of the TransFollow Backend are improved by the development team. The performance in relation to ‘GET’ actions from the Backend have been substantially improved. 

Highlights Sprint review by the TransFollow Team