Release Notes – 2020.04

April 29th 2020

April 29th2020, the TransFollow API has been updated and the new Android version of the TransFollow App for Android has been made available in the Google Play Store.

The TransFollow App

  • The user interface screen of the selection of ‘Transfer Type’ has changed. The driver can now select ‘Collection’, ‘Transfer to another carrier’ or ‘Delivery’. After selecting one of the options, the driver can select the exact situation in the following step.
  • TransFollow introduced a new signing method; Signing with the use of a code. This is an additional contactless signing method were the driver and counterparty can maintain distance of each other during the signing process.

The driver can select this new signing method selecting ‘Sign while keeping 2 meters distance with the counterparty’.

One of our developers demonstrated this new feature during the latest sprint review. Watch the video below for the presentation.

Download the instructions on how to use this signing method or read more about the new signing method on this news-page.


  • A compatibility version for third party integrators is introduced in this release. Integrators should now set a header (X-API-VERSION) for each HTTP request to let TransFollow know which version they are compatible with in order to ensure compatible communication flows. If not provided, the default value is set at 2020-04-29 (version of the ‘signing code via e-mail’ feature).
  • TransFollow introduced a new authentication scheme for third party integrators to ease the integration with the API. Integrators just need to set the new HTTP header X-API-KEY (provided by TransFollow support team upon request) to authenticate communications between TransFollow and their implementation.

Various improvements

  • A watermark ‘Not-valid’ will be added to the PDF version of the eCMR when the eCMR is created in the  partner environment of TransFollow. The partner environment is meant for demonstration and testing only.
  • The main accounts are now able to see all the digital consignment notes in the TransFollow App and Portal which are delegated to or created by their subaccounts.