Release Notes – 2020.02

February 25th, 2020

25 February 2020, TransFollow API has been updated and the new version of the TransFollow App for Android was made available in the Google Play Store.

TransFollow App improvement

Cancel a draft consignment note via TransFollow App

A submitter can cancel draft consignment notes via TransFollow app. Consignment notes in other statuses can be cancelled via TransFollow Portal or via API.

Control of loading / unloading time

A counterparty can check indicated loading / unloading times in the consignment note summary during a Sing-On-Glass procedure.

Signatory identification during Sign on Glass

Labels and layout of the signatory identification screen has been changed to facilitate the indication of name and company name of the consignor and consignee.

Refusal of the goods during Delivery

A driver can indicate how many packages were not accepted by a consignee upon its delivery. The driver can indicate such information at goods item level (on document overview screen). In next release, a possibility to mark packages as refused will be added for a consignee during a Sign-on-Glass process.

API changes

Technical improvements

A submitter will be able to ‘PUT’ a consignment note without a need to indicate ‘Role Ids’.


A submitter will be able to indicate ‘Incoterms’ applied for his shipment. Incoterms are visible in PDF and in TransFollow Portal (Special Agreements section).