Release Notes – 2020.01

February 5th, 2020

5th of February 2020, TransFollow API has been updated and the new version of the TransFollow App for Android was made available in the Google Play Store.

Access Code

A new way of distributing consignment notes among drivers has been introduced. A submitter can indicate an ‘Access Code’ for his consignment note (any reference such as mission number, order number). The submitter needs to communicate this number to a driver using any tool (email, SMS or other). A driver will be able to view and sign this consignment note using ‘Access Code’ as a login data. Thus, a dedicated account for a driver is not needed.

Acces code: usage steps

  • Submitter indicates an ‘Access Code’ inside a consignment note and issues this consignment note.
  • Submitter informs a driver / carrier regarding which ‘Access Code’ is to be used.
  • The driver opens a TransFollow App on his mobile.
  • On the login page, the driver selects “Login with Access Code” and fills in the code provided to him.
  • The driver gets access to a consignment note (-s), which corresponds with the selected Access Code (this can be one or several, depending on a choice of the submitter).

TransFollow API

  • Modification of Agreed Date of Delivery (time) via API.

A submitter can change the ‘Agreed Date of Delivery’ (time) of a consignment note after it has been issued. Such modifications are allowed if goods have not been delivered yet.

  • Loading Meters

A loading meter is the standard unit of measurement for transport by truck and is used as a calculation unit for the goods that have to be transported but cannot be stacked.

A submitter can indicate loading meters for each goods item of a consignment note. This information is visible in TransFollow App, PDF version of the consignment note and in TransFollow Portal.

TransFollow Portal

  • Allow to view your shipments

Using a new setting in ‘shipping control’, any company is able to allow another company to view its consignments notes via the TransFollow Portal or TransFollow App (“read only” mode). A user can indicate a TransFollow account of a company, which shall be allowed to view all relevant documents.

  • Search for goods left at intermediate location

Advanced filter of the TransFollow Portal has been improved. A user can search for consignment notes selecting the status “at intermediate location only”


  • Text in PDF

The text describing a signature type in the PDF has been improved.

  • General observation for a consignment note

While signing several consignment notes at the same time (multi-signing functionality) via the TransFollow App, a driver can add a general observation to all consignment notes using a general “Add Observation” button, located at the top of the screen. Individual observations can still be added to any consignment note using appropriate buttons inside the details section of a consignment note.