Release Notes – 2019.16

December 11th 2019

December 11th 2019, TransFollow API has been updated and the new version of the TransFollow App for Android was made available in the Google Play Store.

TransFollow App and Portal

  • GPS coordinates of different events: GPS coordinates will be captured at the moment of adding arrival and departure times, start and end times of loading and unloading and the writing of an observation via the TransFollow App. GPS coordinates will be visible in the TransFollow Portal.
  • RTIs information for a counterparty: A counterparty can see the list of goods and RTIs on a summary screening during a Sign on Glass process in the TransFollow App.
  • Drafts consignments notes in TransFollow app: Drivers can now create draft consignment notes via TransFollow App to issue these on a later stage.
  • Cancel consignment notes via TransFollow Portal: Submitters can cancel consignment notes via TransFollow portal.


  • Users can subscribe to a new email notification via TransFollow Portal or TransFollow App. A new notification will be sent in case RTIs or goods information has been changed.
  • The consignor / consignee / carrier / submitter names are added to email notification text. This change will bring more contexts to the receiver of an email notification.

Security changes

  • New password length: The minimum password length was increased up to 12 characters. New minimum password length will apply during the creation of new users and during the process of changing an existing password.