Release Notes – 2019.15

November 20st 2019

November 20th 2019, TransFollow API has been updated and the new version of TransFollow App for Android was made available in the Google Play Store.

TransFollow App and Portal

Event Log: All changes to the consignment note after its issuance will be presented in chronological order in an event log. The event log can be checked in the TransFollow Portal.


  • Level of Importance: TransFollow Portal users can see the level of importance of observations if such data was indicated in the TransFollow App while adding an observation.
  • Event Type: TransFollow App users may now indicate during which event an observation was made (e.g. during pickup, delivery, transfer to another carrier etc). This information can be checked in TransFollow Portal and can be obtained via an API.

Search in TransFollow App: TransFollow App users are now able to search for consignment notes, which were delivered for further inspection.

TransFollow API

Submitter can provide specific text to be written on PDF for ADR goods.