Release note – 2019.13

October 9th 2019

October 9th, TransFollow API has been updated and the new version of TransFollow App for Android was made available in the Google Play Store.

TransFollow App User Interfaces

  • Button to launch a signature with QR code as the counterparty: The button is now accessible from the menu on the “list of transports” page. In case a user prefers to see the button also directly on the “list of transport” page, this can be set in the application settings.
  • Status transition: A counterparty will see the status transition of the Consignment Note during a Sign on Glass signature.
  • Signature type icons: Signature type icons were added on the signature type selection screen to facilitate a choice for the driver.
  • Add RTIs: Drivers are now able to add RTIs via the related signing inspection screen (in case they have appropriate rights).

Creating Cosignment Notes via the TransFollow app

  • Indicate Tax ID of Cosignor / Cosignee: Drivers are now able to indicate the TAX IDs of consignors / consignees while creating a new Consignment Note via the TransFollow app. This information can be set up by the manager as well to allow a driver to reuse the data while creating documents via the TransFollow app (via the creation of a partner library).
  • Display of Goods Items details and RTIs: Display of the Goods Items details and RTIs details were improved to allow a user to easily navigate between different fields.
  • Controlled temperature and Seals: Dedicated fields were made for Controlled temperature and Seals, both are visible in the Goods section.
  • Agreed pickup and delivery dates: Agreed pickup and Delivery dates were put on top of the place of taking over / delivery sections. Agreed pickup date has become a mandatory field for a driver to fill in.

General Improvements

  • showTimes signing inspection option: showTimes signing inspection option was enhanced to include the check of Loading / Unloading times. I.e. in case this parameter is set to True while issuing a Consignment Note via an API, a driver will see the appropriate signing inspection screen and will be able to check Arrival / Departure times as well as Loading / Unloading times.