Release note – 2019.12

September 18th 2019

18th September, TransFollow API has been updated and the new version of TransFollow App for Android was made available in the Google Play Store.

New User Interface of TransFollow Application

We are happy to announce that a work related to the improvement of the TransFollow Application Interface has been finalised. The new version of our application is now available in the Production Environment.  TransFollow team is looking forward to receiving your feedback regarding our new interface. At the same time, following new functionalities have been added to TransFollow.

TransFollow API

  • RTI / Observation types

A submitter can set up specific RTI types and/or observation types for each consignment note. As a result, a driver can select these specific types in TF application while adding an observation or while adding an RTI.

TransFollow Portal

  • Sub-account deletion

A user may delete his sub-account in case these were not involved in any consignment note activity.

TransFollow Application

  • Lock the application for regular usage

Login intent has been improved to allow integrators to lock the TF app from regular usage. This function is suggested in case a 3rd party application / board computer is fully integrated with TransFollow.  The end-user will be able to execute all his actions in such 3rd party application / board computer only.