TransFollow used in Blockchain pilot in the Netherlands


How does TransFollow work as part of a Blockchain?

This question was recently answered during a proof of concept. A container was transported from the port of Rotterdam to the Samsung SDS warehouse in Tilburg. This was done via the Blockchain platform DELIVER: a joint venture between ABN AMRO, Port of Rotterdam and Samsung SDS. TransFollow was used for the road transport leg.

The goal of DELIVER: a ‘global’ platform that facilitates global trade, based on Blockchain technology. Road transport was part of the DELIVER Proof of Concept.

The proof of concept started with the booking request on the 8th of January. Since that day all participants in the supply chain were able to follow the container through its physical journey in real-time (via IoT and AIS data) and to access the electronic information of the physical documents related to the container journey (when allowed). After its arrival at the Port of Rotterdam, the container was transported by road directly to its final destination. For this part of the journey the container was accompanied by the digital consignment note (e-CMR) from TransFollow.

In Tilburg, the final destination, the container was delivered on time. The journey was finally successfully completed: with the digital signature of the recipient in TransFollow, for the approval of the receipt of the goods. All parties immediately received an automatic confirmation via a portal.

The digital consignment note on PDF

With this Proof of Concept, the parties involved tested the possibilities of the platform. Blockchain technology offers all parties in the logistics chain a ‘single point of truth’, thanks to validated data without central management. Everyone knows where the goods are located and when they are expected at the destinations. Digitisation ensures automation, which makes an optimal efficient logistics chain possible

Benefits for the transport sector

Blockchain as a technique is now being tested in various sectors. It promises many great advantages for the transport sector. That is why platforms such as DELIVER have the future. There are several future advantages:

  • Different software systems are safely linked together.
  • Parties work more efficient and transparent. Important information is automatically sent to the parties concerned, optionally with a photo. This creates an efficient communication and financial flow.
  • Paper flows decrease: all information can be found digitally.
  • Payment can be made faster thanks to a direct Proof of Delivery.
  • It is possible to follow the entire transport in real time. As a result, any insurance issues are resolved quickly.
  • There is 100% legal certainty.

Blockchain and DELIVER

Blockchain technology is used for the DELIVER platform. What’s even more special is that for the first time in the still short history of this technology, the parties allow different Blockchains to operate together. This is done via an ‘umbrella notary’ that connects completely separate Blockchains in South Korea and the Netherlands.

TransFollow has proven itself in this: it acts as a connecting link between all parties in the (block- and supply) chain.Thanks to the digital consignment note (eCMR), paper is redundant during (road)transport and TransFollow can digitally facilitate ‘data transport’ via a portal.

Next step: pilot phase!

The Proof of Concept will be completed in March 2019. It is planned that the pilot phase will start in April 2019. More parties will join in to test DELIVER.

Want to know more?

Are you curious about the possibilities of TransFollow? Contact the distributor in your country. Would you like to know more about joining the DELIVER platform? Our distributor in the Netherlands, Beurtvaartadres will be happy to help organisations that want to join the DELIVER platform in the future.