Login with Access Code to the TransFollow App


TransFollow Releases Login with Access Code as Alternative to Account-login

As of now, the TransFollow App offers an alternative login to the mobile application without creating and logging into a specific account first. The new feature has been developed based on feedback from active TransFollow users and was released during the last sprint.

Previously, it was necessary to indicate the driver’s e-mail address and his corresponding TransFollow account when creating and submitting an eCMR in TransFollow to make sure the driver in question can access and sign the eCMR in the TransFollow App. The release of a simplified login method now allows for accessing individual eCMR documents without creating an account in TransFollow.

Access Code

To ensure that the digital consignment note in question is only accessible for the driver who is supposed to work with it, TransFollow developed an alternative login method: The Access Code. The driver receives a unique code which is then used to log into the TransFollow App. The driver will then have access to the specific freight document(s) assigned to this code and can start the signing process immediately. This new way of accessing the TransFollow eCMR documents makes the process for the submitters and drivers more efficient.

This method is already being used in many transport processes and now being integrated into TransFollow.

  1. The submitter indicates an Access Code while issuing a consignment note via API connected software providers. The submitter is free to use any reference number as Access Code (e.g. internal mission number or order number).
  2. After issuance of the freight document, the submitter needs to communicate the Access Code to the carrier or driver. TransFollow does not (yet) offer a function to directly communicate the code via the platform, which means that this can easily be done by phone, e-mail or even WhatsApp.
  3. On the login screen of the TransFollow Android App, the driver can then choose the option ‘Access Code’ instead of logging in with username and password. When indicating the Access Code, the driver can access the corresponding consignment notes for the transport in question and can start the mission. It is also possible to use the Access Code with board computers or mobile software with a connection to the TransFollow Platform.
  4. In the scenario above, the driver can only use the Sign-on-Glass signature option or perform a signature without approval of the counterparty. In both cases, the driver will need to put his own signature on the consignment note during singing with Sign-on-Glass as well.  

When using the Access Code as alternative login to the TransFollow App, the driver does not have the possibility to create, duplicate or delegate consignment notes in TransFollow. Also, the login by Access Code does not support user account settings (as there is no account being used) or signature with TransFollow Approval (QR-code).