Supply Chain Visibility


With TransFollow you can manage, supervise and archive your digital consignment notes

The supply chain optimisation is a very common used term in the logistic sector. Every step in the process can be optimized, can take less time and can be more efficient. But how are you implementing this into all your daily processes?

You surely are working with the consignment note; it harmonises contractual conditions for goods transported by road and helps facilitate goods transport overall. TransFollow has launched the e-CMR. A modern system where you can manage, supervise and archive your digital consignment notes. It reduces the paperwork and decreases handling costs.

With TransFollow as a platform, communication between shippers, carriers and receivers is quick and clear. It prevents communication barriers in the supply chain and the status of the freight is visible for all parties involved. TransFollow shows the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and real-time Proof Of Delivery (POD) which results in faster payment. By digitalizing consignment notes, TransFollow makes the entire chain visible on one integrated platform. We connect all actors thus bringing the innovation to the sector as a whole.