Update from Spain: status deployment of the e-CMR.


On October 3, the working group of Aeutransmer, one of the main Shippers Associations in Spain, met to analyze the current status of deployment of the e-CMR. TransFollow was invited to present our platform and business model.

In the meeting participated several shippers as well as experts in different areas related to the implementation of the digital e-CMR document, among which were representatives of Generix, a software management company for the supply chain, Rogers & Co a transport law firm, and Eurogestión, a process consultancy firm, speciallized in Blockchain.

Transprancy and traceability in transport of goods

During this working group the effective implementation of the e-CMR was discussed. Depending mainly on the new ROTT coming into force, the existing design already validates the electronic format for the administrative control document. The integration of TransFollow into TMS/ERP systems enables following the transport via the e-CMR.

Aeutransmer is firmly committed to the use of digital consingment note, that will eliminate paper but, above all, achieve greater transparency and traceability in the transport of goods.

In relation to the security of the information contained in the electronic document, Ramón Fernandez (representative of TransFollow in Spain), ensured that the encryption of the data as well as the compliance with the ISO / IEC 27000 security standard guarantees that at all moments the safety is guarateed.

Importance of integration

Monserrat Sánchez, from Generix, explained how the integration with the transportation management systems (TMS) would be carried out and the importance of this process. Luis Alberto Garcia de Rogers & Co Lawyers clarified that, both for the CMR protocol and the Law to promote the information society, electronic transport documents have the same legal value as paper documents.

On the other hand, Juan Manuel Martinez of Eurogestión explained the advantages that the development of this system under blockchain technology would bring, among which the self-verification and the decentralization of information.