AEOLIX-project puts e-CMR to the test


TransFollow part of the living lab ‘digitalisation of freight transport documents’

The members of the IRU in Czech Republic, Germany, Romania and Serbia and the Greek Ministry of Transport are involved in the AEOLIX project (Architecture for EurOpean Logistics Information eXchange) and as part of this program they are piloting the TransFollow e-CMR in cross boarding operations.

The TransFollow e-CMR is in line with the European Commission’s vision of the future of logistics with the recently published third Mobility Package including a legislative proposal on e-documents for transport. The goal is to streamline logistics operations to exchange data and services by developing a cloud-based IT.

By using the TransFollow e-CMR for the trial, the transport operators across the five countries will be able to input, store and exchange logistics information electronically, in real time via a mobile device or integrated software solution. The timely recording of data means that real time supply chain visibility is available for the users of the e-CMR. Hence, any required subsequent actions, happen faster, more efficient and at less cost. 

Iraklis Stamos, leading IRU’s work on AEOLIX, said, “e-CMR is the first step towards fully digital transport operations with clear benefits for the transport industry: lower costs and greater transparency. e-CMR must become a standard practice to make logistics more efficient and the AEOLIX project is a key contributor to achieving this goal.”