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Now, we want nothing else!

Search, search and more! It happened too often at Fleetpoint Transport: a paper CMR was lost or manually entered data could not be read properly. Besides a great deal of frustration, the search for the CMRs was also time consuming, confusing and harmful. In 2018 this should be easier, thought financial controller Ivo van der Laar.

Fleetpoint heard about TransFollow’s e-CMR from a large customer. When TANS started working with TransFollow too, the transporter looked into it in more detail. Van der Laar: “We already believed in the digital solution, but looked forward to the switch from paper to digital. In the end, the Supply Chain Integration Specialists at Beurtvaartadres (our Dutch Distributor) were the perfect guides to help us complete this switch!”

Digital step forward

With 25 truck combinations, Fleetpoint from Schijndel transports different car makes to dealers in the Netherlands. They also perform minor repairs in their own workshop and prepare cars for driving. The company is part of the French CAT Group.

Within the organisation, the consignment note is widely used. Van der Laar: “Each combination always has one or more consignment notes, which until recently were printed and physically stored. In the archive, there are many metres of paper CMRs. Internally, there was considerable anxiety about going digital with the CMR. The switch had to go smoothly; the company had to continue operating. Eventually, the switch to TransFollow, together with Beurtvaartadres and TANS, was rolled out quickly and successfully. Now, we want nothing else!

Time to spare!

Planner Mark van der Aker benefits most from the switch to the e-CMR within Fleetpoint. “Now I’ve got time for the work I’m actually paid to do. The endless search expeditions to paper CMRs are over. I used to have half a meter of paper on my desk, but now I only have a few sheets for special transports. In short: it saves a lot of time, and the company money!”

Now, as a planner, Van der Aker always knows where a load is. “My work has become a lot clearer: everyone in the supply chain can see where the freight is in real time and it is much easier for me to find out the status of a shipment. It also gives the drivers more overview and confidence.”

Successful implementation

For a successful start with the digital consignment note, the switch had to go smoothly. Van der Aker: “Our biggest challenge? Getting our drivers on board. They were used to browsing through the paper while now they scroll in the TransFollow app on their smartphone. In the beginning, they lost their own overview.”

With this challenge, TransFollow’s chain management proved its added value. Van der Aker continues: “The chain director at Beurtvaartadres has personally introduced our drivers to the system. If they have any questions, they can contact Integration Specialists directly. As a result, the implementation was fast, successful and diligent. Furthermore, the technical link between TransFollow and our TMS system was supervised. It all went so well that after two weeks we completely stopped using the paper CMR.

Short lines

At Fleetpoint they are happy with the short lines with Beurtvaartadres. Van der Aker: “Usually you can get the right person with just one phone call. This is particularly important in the transition period from paper to digital. Then you want points that don’t run as smoothly to be picked up quickly. Beurtvaartadres thinks along with you within the possibilities of TransFollow. You are really listened to and feedback is included in new releases of the software.

At the beginning of summer 2018, Fleetpoint switched to TransFollow and already the e-CMR is an indispensable feature. It offers many advantages. Financial manager Van der Laar agrees: “I hope that the entire transport sector will switch soon. It makes work so much easier and less sensitive to errors. Our customers increasingly ask about the advantages of TransFollow for their own organisation. I’m glad that we’ve already taken that step!

Beurtvaartadres is the distributor of TransFollow in the Netherlands. Beurtvaartadres is an initiative of business organisations evofenedex, Goederenvervoer Nederland, Nederlandsch Binnenvaartbureau and TLN and is therefore an initiative from the market, for the market.


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Source: Beurtvaartadres | Fleetpoint