Feedback XPO Logistics and Trimble pilot for Coca-Cola


e-CMR revolutionizes transportation. Experiences of the Coca Cola European Partners, XPO Logistics, Trimble and TransFollow, pilot explained during the SITL in Paris.

TransFollow showcased the experiences and outcome of the e-CMR pilot during the SITL in Paris, together with Coca Cola European Partners, Trimble and XPO Logistics. The integration of TransFollow in both the TMS from XPO Logistics as well as in the Trimble FMS used in the trucks, enabled for the shipper Coca Cola a full supply chain visibility and created more efficiency in their process.

One of the main advantages of using the TransFollow e-CMR, is according to Mr. Frederic Lion (supply chain manager Coca Cola European Partners), the immediate availability of the e-CMR document, making digital retrieval possible which also for food-safety reasons, increases the traceability of the shipment.

Reduction of 10 days of processing time

Mrs. Stéphanie Chanel (XPO Logistics), clearly explained the benefits for transport companies and logistics service providers. Amongst others Mrs. Chanel elaborate on the achieved reduction of processing time once switching from paper to the integrated TransFollow e-CMR solution. The reduction of 10 days of processing time (from 11 to 1 day on average), in combination with the elimination of redundant administrative processes, is a major contributor to cost savings.

The integration of the TransFollow solution in the Trimble boardcomputer, was done very efficient, according Mr. Fabien Dussere (Trimble France). The seamless integration of the TransFollow e-CMR in the workflow of the driver, makes the solution very easy to use, as it is now an integral part of the drivers mission, without having to take any detours to other applications.

As Mr. Alexis Perinet (TransFollow) explained the audience, the transition from paper to the TransFollow e-CMR solution is much more than just the replacement of a piece of paper. Integrating TransFollow in the proprietary software and in other software solutions (i.e. WMS/ERP/TMS/FMS), creates numerous additional advantages. Even for the smaller and midsized transport operators that do not yet have the ability to integrate TransFollow, a solution is available. The Transport Portal, a product by ViaService, will facilitate the rapid introduction of the e-CMR and electronic Lettre de Voiture, for all parties in the supply chain.