First intermodal transport between Spain and Italy with e-CMR


The first e-CMR intermodal transport in Europe between Spain and Italy, via truck-ferry-truck, conducted by the road transport company Transitalia España and the Italian shipping company Grimaldi, was launched in Valencia.

The truck containing rolls of paper, accompanied by the digital consignment note left from Madrid to the port of Valencia where it took the sea route to the port of Livorno. From Livorno it left again by road to its final destination in Verona.

ASTIC, the Spanish International Road Transport Association and parent company of our distributor Setir, supported the launch of this first co-modal international transport with digital consignment notes using various modes of transport.

Juan Carlos Arocas, general manager of road company Transitalia 2004, referred to the electronic CMR as ”one of the first steps being taken by the international transport sector to face the much-needed digital transformation”.

Antonio Pérez Millán, president of the Union of Commodal Transport Operators (U.O.T.C.-ASTIC), pointed out that ”the progressive introduction of the electronic e-CMR to the intermodal transport sector means a plus for its development, since it eliminates multiple obstacles of bureaucratic or administrative character”.

Finally, Francesco De Candia, Iberian commercial director of Grimaldi, stated that the TransFollow e-CMR initiative is a major step forward and an opportunity for the whole transport sector and the sea routes, as it allows traceability of goods at all points in the logistics chain. René Bruijne, managing director of TransFollow, is pleased with this development. ”These 3 pioneers show that the international transport sector is facing the digital transformation”.