Digital Carte de Porte now equal to paper version for authorities


On Friday 15 February, the Council of Ministers in Spain approved the ROTT (land traffic regulation and management). This regulation has now been amended and updated to legally equate paper and digital CMR and Carte de Porte during submission or review by law enforcement agencies.

This means that in Spain the e-CMR for international traffic and the e-CDP (Carta de Porte), the digital form, now is legally equivalent to the paper form. Being on the agenda of  several government departments in Spain, about four years later, the regulation now has finally been adopted.

Certified providers

In this new wording, the digital version of the CMR and Carta de Porte must be validated and accepted by the Ministry of Transport. This is done to prevent non-certified platforms from being used:

“The required documentation, in the form of the CMR (international) or Carta de Port (national), may only be completed through an e-CMR provider in line with the Spanish General Directorate of Land Transport to ensure the availability, integrity, immutability and inviolability of the content of the consignment note.”

The TransFollow applications and solutions offer the possibility to display the consignment notes in PDF on the screen of the mobile device and are compliant to the e-CMR protocol.

Transport within Spain and beyond

The TransFollow platform is designed according to the CMR protocols and requirements. We have paid attention to the availability, integrity, immutability and inviolability of the data on the e-CMR and digital Carta de Porte. This enables us to provide our current and future customers with a digital consignment note platform that meets these criteria for both transport within Spain and beyond.

Insight for law enforcements

TransFollow works closely together with national law enforcement agencies in order to design and develop technical options that allow law enforcement services to access the digital consignment notes in the future. Currently these options are being tested and validated for the Benelux Pilot. TransFollow is very pleased to be involved in this milestone in one of the most important transport markets in Europe. From now on, our customers and partners in Spain will be able to accelerate their current processes and their digital consignment note activity. langua