Always Up-to-date


‘Digital carbon layer’ replaces the known red, blue or green copies of the paper consignment note to improve supply chain visibility.

When transporting goods, each party involved receives a copy of the paper CMR. The sender keeps one after the driver has signed for picking up the goods, the receiver keeps one after having signed for receipt. And of course, one copy stays with the driver to be send to his company for further follow up and invoicing. However, during the process, details indicated on the paper CMR can change – e.g. the number of Returnable Transport Items or other modifications and remarks related to the freight. If this happens later in the process, not all paper CMRs are up to date. With the digital consignment note, supply chain visibility is guaranteed throughout the process.

The Importance of Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chain visibility is important to improve performance and increase efficiency. But even with the best systems in place, misunderstandings in the amount of goods or modifications in the number of Returnable Transport Items can happen. Instead of overwriting the related information on a paper CMR, digital consignment notes enable the users to easily update the information and provide insights into the adjustments to all parties involved in real-time. Smaller changes therefore are no longer interfering with supply chain visibility but rather even help improving it. The receiver cannot only see the exact time when the goods were loaded on the truck and are on their way to him, but also which issues might have come up during pick up. And in case of any comments or changes during delivery, the sender of the goods directly gets an update, knowing the exact time when the freight has reached its final destination. TransFollow does not only offer real-time insights in the supply chain, but also enables all parties involved to see the e-CMR at any point of the process, from the originally issued version up to the final signed consignment note. With this feature, the ‘digital carbon layer’ can easily increase supply chain visibility known from traditional paper CMRs.

Status Updates to Increase Transparency

With its functions, the TransFollow App and Portal guarantee supply chain visibility throughout the entire process. All parties involved in one particular consignment note can follow all the steps of the supply chain in real-time when logging in. From the moment the e-CMR has been created and issued, the consignor, carrier and consignee see the consignment note with the status ‘issued’ and further instructions in their account. As soon as the driver has picked up the freight and got the e-CMR signed accordingly, the status updates to ‘in transit’. Additionally, the driver is able to register times of arrival, loading and departure to increase transparency. The same applies to arriving at the final destination: Again, the driver can register his time of arrival and the start of unloading goods. As soon as the consignment note is signed by the receiver and possible comments have been added, the final version of the e-CMR is available on all accounts linked to this specific document. The invoicing to follow up the delivery of goods can start right away – without any further administrative work to be done by the driver.