Edit, modify or attach new documents to an already issued e-CMR

From now on, it is possible to edit, modify or attach new documents to an already issued e-CMR from your office.

Starting today, it will be possible to edit and modify certain details of your freight document via TRANSPORT PORTAL after having digitally issued that freight. This new functionality will allow your office agents, when necessary, to modify certain fields, without the need for your driver to make these changes. Also, to attach new documents in later phases.

Until now, TransFollow platform was allowing last minute changes to an e-CMR already issued only from the TransFollow mobile APP, from your driver or vehicle access. We have been maintaining the criteria that this is a procedure that is normally carried out on the field and that the document should not be manipulated from the issuing office in order to prevent possible procedural mismatches.

However, as a result of the inclusion in the TRANSFOLLOW PORTAL of the SEQUENTIAL RECORD OF EVENTS, it becomes possible for all participants in a freight (issuer, shipper, carrier, recipient) to have access to detailed information on  Who have changed a certain field, when, from which company, and what is the new value entered.

Many of our clients had informed us in recent weeks of their need to be able to modify certain last-minute changes related to freight already issued, since they preferred that it not be their drivers or the drivers of subcontracting companies who were in charge of doing so via the Mobile APP.

As it is displayed in the attached image, TRANSPORT PORTAL incorporates a new button identified in red as Edit CMR when it has already been issued or later (in DRAFT mode it as needed before ISSUING the document )

It will only be the original issuer of the document the one that can proceed to modify it once issued (it can therefore be the contractual shipper, the sender, the shipper or the carrier, as the case may be). Changes will immediately be available at Mobile APP of assigned driver if it has a data connection.

What fields can be modified?

When Edit CMR is clicked, some of the “frozen” (unmodifiable) fields become again accessible and ready to be modified.

You can modify the following fields in each case:

  1. On the Consignor screen: you can modify the Place of taking over.
  2. On the Consignee screen: you can modify both the Consignee and the Place of Delivery.
  3. On the Carrier screen: you can only activate the option to identify and define a successive Carrier.
  4. On the Goods Detail screen, it will not be possible to edit or modify any field.
  5. In the Conditions screen: it will be possible to Upload new Documents

What fields can be modified according to the status of the freight?

Depending on the phase in which your freight is (issued, in transit, delivered) the fields to be modified vary. They are described below:

  1. If the e-CMR is ISSUED but the PICKING UP has not yet been carried out, it will be possible to modify the Consignor, Consignee, Carrier and Conditions
  2. If the e-CMR is IN TRANSIT, that is to say, the PICKING UP has already been carried out, it will be possible to modify the Consignee, Carrier and Conditions, but not those of Consignor.
  3. If the e-CMR is already DELIVERED at destination, it will only be possible to modify the Conditions field, to allow the attachment of new documents.