The standard for the eCMR

TransFollow is the standard for the eCMR. It has been developed for and by the market. The result: always real-time insight into the status of each eCMR. For you and for your logistics partners.

What is eCMR?

TransFollow is the independent eCMR platform that works together with the transport and logistics sector. Developed for and by the market, the eCMR platform promotes cooperation between senders, carriers and recipients. With TransFollow being the international market standard, transport and logistics companies boost their efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction.

With the eCMR you can:

  • obtain an overview of eCMRs you have created or which you are part of.
  • filter eCMRs based on status and your role during transport.
  • view all eCMRs you are part of.
  • see who signed when and where for collection and delivery.
  • download an eCMR as a digital signed pdf.
  • obtain real-time insight and proof of delivery of the eCMRs.
  • adjust the language (TransFollow is already available in thirteen languages).
  • select how we update you about the status of your eCMR.

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Workflow of the eCMR Bill, from shipper to carrier to recipient.

With eCMR of TransFollow shippers, carriers, forwarders and recipients work together in a single uniform and secure interface.

The e-CMR enables smooth communication in the logistics chain and improves the effectiveness and quality of the supply chain for all parties. Discover how you can benefit from our solution.

The eCMR TransFollow platform:

  • streamlines the transport
  • makes freight traceable in real time
  • provides insight into the supply chain
  • reduces your administrative operations
  • reduces your failure costs
  • stands for smooth cooperation in the chain


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