What is eCMR?

TransFollow enables you to manage and use digital consignment notes.

With the eCMR, you choose less administration, lower failure costs, streamlined transport and insight into the entire supply chain.

Independent eCMR platform

TransFollow is the independent eCMR platform that works together with the transport and logistics sector. Developed for and by the market, the eCMR platform promotes cooperation between senders, carriers and recipients. With TransFollow being the international market standard, transport and logistics companies boost their efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction.

TransFollow supply chain

With TransFollow you can:

  • obtain an overview of eCMRs you have created or which you are part of.
  • filter eCMRs based on status and your role during transport.
  • view all eCMRs you are part of.
  • see who signed when and where for collection and delivery.
  • download an eCMR as a digital signed pdf.
  • obtain real-time insight and proof of delivery of the eCMRs.
  • adjust the language (TransFollow is already available in thirteen languages).
  • select how we update you about the status of your eCMR.

Already working with TransFollow

By the market, for the market

TransFollow is a Dutch initiative by Evofenedex and Transport Logistics Nederland (TLN). These independent branch organizations contribute to the implementation of the legal standard for eCMRs. The IRU (the International Road Transport Union) also supports TransFollow. TransFollow is now working hard on the international rollout of its unique eCMR solution. The close cooperation with the IRU not only opens access to national associations that represent the interests of its members operating in road transport, it also provides the international framework for standardisation of the eCMR. Together with all these independent parties, TransFollow is working on the implementation of the legal standard for the eCMR.

Legal compliance eCMR

The TransFollow signing methods have been verified by several parties. The signing process of the eCMR complies with all regulations and protocols for consignment notes. Even without permission of the other party, for example if nobody is present at delivery or if you use ‘Sign on Glass’. Our eCMR has a unique signing process by means of the TFA QR code for the ‘TransFollow Approval’.

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