How does it work?

With TransFollow shippers, carriers, forwarders and recipients work together in a single uniform and secure interface.

By using TransFollow the shipment can be tracked in real time and the parties can communicate with each other easily. Save time and costs, work more efficient.

Create your eCMR

Shippers, carriers and recipients can prepare, issue and then share the eCMR with their partners in a variety of ways.

It is possible to create the eCMR in your own business software, such as TMS, FMS, WMS or ERP systems. For companies with a larger number of shipments, this is an efficient option, reducing redundant workflows.

TransFollow offers API keys that enable integration. Ask your IT supplier or department to connect the software to our cloud solution. Many logistics software providers already have, or are planning a connection with TransFollow. View all our collaborations with software providers here. Are you a developer? Then read more about the integration process.

Transport Portal

Another way to create the eCMR is through the Transport Portal. This solution is best suited to small and medium sized transport companies. With the Transport Portal, you can manage the information of all your employees, vehicles and logistics partners. You can follow the process step by step and record details of each party (sender, carrier, recipient) and of the goods and conditions of carriage. And you can comment on the goods and the delivery process.

In both cases, the eCMR will be uploaded to the TransFollow platform after creation.

Manage your eCMR (TransFollow Portal)

All your shipments are available in the TransFollow portal where you can manage your eCMRs. The result: fewer disruptions, lower costs and less administration. The portal is practical for managing your supply chain partners (shippers, carriers, recipients, vehicles) and your logistics projects.

How to work with the eCMR and TransFollow Portal - Animation
Instruction video TransFollow Portal

With the TransFollow portal you can:

  • visualise and search for consignment notes
  • make various selections for searches
  • track the status of the eCMR
  • view the RTI
  • check who signed the digital consignment note
  • manage attachments of the consignment note (photos and documents)
  • (automatically) archive eCMRs, all consignment notes remain accessible.

Sign your eCMR (mobile app)

The TransFollow mobile application has been developed for users in warehouses, loading bays or on the road. With this app, the users can digitally sign the consignment note.

How to work with the eCMR and TransFollow APP - Animation
Instruction video TransFollow App

With the TransFollow app you can:

  • view and sign the eCMR
  • search for your eCMRs using the status filters.
  • consult the contents of the digital consignment note
  • track and record pickup and collection times in real time
  • make reservations and comments
  • facilitate international transport and controls
  • sign for receipt and transfer of the goods
  • manage your RTI
  • add comments, photos and documents to the eCMR
  • adapt the language for easy communication

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