Features of the eCMR

The TransFollow eCMR products are of proven and stable technology

The TransFollow eCMR products are a proven and stable technology which has proved itself in practice. Various companies use our digital consignment note on a daily basis. At the same time, TransFollow continues to innovate. Discover our features. 

Signing methods

  1. Sign on Glass: the signature on the screen of the driver’s device.
  2. TF Approval: TransFollow signature TFA for ‘TransFollow Approval’. This is a secure and most reliable way of signing with unique QR codes.
  3. Without approval of the counterparty: the carrier can sign the eCMR without permission from the counterparty (for example if the counterparty is not present at the destination).

Adding comments and photos

Is the freight damaged or broken? Communicate this easily to your back office by adding comments and photos to the digital consignment note. The comments and photos are visible to all parties in the supply chain.

Other features:

Returnable Transport Items

With the RTI feature, you can create and exchange a digital consignment note for goods and returns. Parties in the logistics chain can automate their administration by using the available goods and RTIs in the eCMR. These goods and RTIs are registered in a structured manner.

Multiple signing

At the request of our users, we have made it possible to sign multiple eCMRs simultaneously. With this solution, you or your driver quickly select a number of digital consignment notes in the app. The driver can then sign the entire selection with the shipper in one operation.

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