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The time and costs savings per digitalized consignment note

Have you ever considered how many administrative actions you perform per consignment note? And how much does this actually involve in terms of administrative costs? In a report by research agency SIRA Consulting, the administrative costs are calculated per consignment note. The report is based on the figures of the Dutch Ministery of Transport.

It takes more time than you think

If you take a closer look at each step, you will soon see that the minutes are actually piling up. Think of printing the consignment note (1 minute), updating the status of the consignment note (3 minutes), archiving the paper consignment note (3 minutes) afterwards and sending the Proof of Delivery (5 minutes). In total this all takes 11 minutes. Per consignment note!

How many consignment note do you issue per day? And per year? The minutes add up and so do your costs. When using the digital consignment note, a number of these time-consuming actions lapse. A calculation (source: Sira Consulting) shows that this results in considerable savings. The average cost per (paper) consignment note, assuming 11 minutes processing time, is € 6,23. An digital consignment note costs an average of €1,69. That is a cost saving of € 4,53 per consignment note based on an average hourly labour cost of € 18,50.

Simplify your administration

TransFollow time and cost savings

What does this mean for you?

An important part of processing the consignment note is the archiving. Archiving is not included in the mandatory supported research as a subjective effect. The reason for this is that this action is not by law and does not necessarily result from a legal obligation.

But of course these figures are important to you! Retrospective searches in the archives for consignment notes can also take up another 3 minutes of your time. If you add these 3 minutes to the other 11 minutes and this time the number of consignment notes per year, will you be shocked by the figures?

With the digital consignment note you do not have to print the consignment notes for transport. And after transport, you can easily call up all consignment notes centrally in the TransFollow portal, including any attachments. The updated statuses are processed directly in the system of all parties that are part of the digital consignment note.

All these precious minutes are not only expressed in workload, delay and consumption of unnecessary paper, but also in money. Do you agree with one of these situations below in time and money? You can probably save a lot more than you would think:

Save up to:

per CMR

What does this mean for the industry?

Approximately 100 million national consignment note are issued each year in The Netherlands. The administrative burden involved is approximately € 623.000.000,-. Add to this the more than 40,000,000 consignment note for international transport and the annual costs quickly amount to more than € 249.200.000, -. The Dutch transport industry can therefore save a lot of money.

Total number national consignment notes per year100.000.000
Administrative expenses per year€ 623.000.000,-
Total number international consignment notes per year40.00.000
Administrative expenses per year€ 249.200.000-

Do you also want to save on your time and therefore also on your costs?

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Source: SIRA Consulting research report with the figures of the Ministry of Dutch Transport. They made a calculation about the administrative burden per consignment note.