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Transport companies: Start with TransFollow from a distance

The measures surrounding the corona virus meant that many companies had to change their way of working. Working from home, and therefore meeting each other less often on the work floor or with less people, will probably become the new normal. This distance can cause delays in the current projects and planned projects on the roadmap, such as the digitalization of transport processes. However, the distance for digitalization does not have to be a problem; TransFollow is set up to connect supply chain partners to each other remotely.

You may also be faced with questions such as: Is now the right timing to digitize processes? Can I arrange this remotely? How do I inform my partners in the chain? How do I instruct my drivers?

First of all, this is the moment to start digitalizing your transport processes. It enables your drivers and supply chain partners to have all the information about the transports immediately available. The drivers do not have to wait for the paper consignment notes which go from hand to hand. In these times of extra precaution regarding hygiene, this is very convenient.

The use of the TransFollow eCMR makes it also possible to continue the workflows regarding the financial administration, to limit the risk of invoicing arrears. This can be done from any location, also from the home office, because the exchange of paper documents is removed. All the information about the transports are immediately available in the TransFollow Portal.

1.5 metres distance guaranteed

In addition to the advantages of managing the transport processes digitally, TransFollow also contributes to a better and more efficient compliance with the safety measures surrounding the COVID-19 virus. It seems that the 1.5-meter distance between people has to be maintained for a longer period of time in order to control the virus. With TransFollow it is possible for drivers to stay in the cabin of the truck during the signing of the eCMR to avoid any physical contact.

A few weeks ago, TransFollow launched an additional signing method, where the eCMR can be signed at a greater distance. In addition, it is also possible for the driver sign for the pick-up and delivery, or to have the recipient sign at a later stage (in this case, the recipient must also use the TransFollow App).

Integrating remotely

In addition, our team can also support you remotely with the integration of TransFollow with your software such as ERP, WMS and TMS systems. The integration process is already set up in order to be able to complete this remotely. Because TransFollow is active all over Europe, we are already set up to bridge this distance via our digital channels.

Next to that, we also have a web-based solution, the Transport Portal, with which you can immediately start creating and submitting the digital consignment note. The person who creates this eCMR can indicate all necessary information (carrier, sender, receiver and goods details…), and then share the eCMR with all partners in the supply chain.

Helping drivers on their way remotely

Finally, we can support you in instructing your drivers remotely. The TransFollow App, which the drivers use during their route missions to sign the digital consignment note, is easy to use. Nevertheless, your drivers may require more support. We offer instructional animations with which you can support your drivers to digitize the last step in the chain in no time.

Watch the instruction videos:

Creating a TransFollow account

How do you create an account to view and manage your eCMR?

Download the PDF document for step-by-step instructions.

TransFollow Android App

Discover all the benefits and features of the TransFollow App! Watch the instruction video to learn how to download the app, how to find your eCMR, how to write your observations and add photos and documents to the eCMR and how to sign the eCMR upon pick-up and delivery.

Download the PDF document for step-by-step instructions.

How do you sign the eCMR in the TransFollow App?

How do you, the driver sign the digital consignment note in the TransFollow App? And what are the steps to follow for a successful signing process.

  • Find the right consignment note
  • View the PDF version of the consignment note
  • Sign the consignment note (with TF-approval, Sign-on-Glass or sign without approval of the counter party)

Download the PDF document for step-by-step instructions.

Register information in the App

How do you register your data in the TransFollow App? Data such as arrival and departure times, your driven kilometres, the structured goods, the returnable transport items and the reference data of the shipment.

  • Register arrive and departure times
  • Register the load and unloading times
  • Place an observation
  • Take a picture
  • Modify the information of the goods
  • Register or modify the information of RTI’s
  • Register information such as temperature

Download the PDF document for step-by-step instructions.

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